A personalized view on the texture work of the game STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl. Updates are inbound since I've got time to work on this again, after a very long hiatus. Duplicates / unfinished work will be fixed in 2.2!

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Eventhough he didn't releasedhis shaders yet *;D I am willing to give a little review....

AWESOME TEXTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Playing it with L.e.g.e.d.a.r.y. Mod at the moment. I love tehse textures. absolutely great work !!! Beautiful, photorealistic... the name says it all. everybody has to use these textures !!!!!!!!

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The best texture mod for SoC, bar none. Huge improvement over the original. For enthusiast level PCs only.

Jun 9 2013 by boredgunner