Scale down the treacherous rooms and hallways of this creepy mansion as you find the true meaning of Phengophobia!

WWEdeadman says

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OK, a couple of things. The floor textures glitch in the last room. It looks like they're twitching. The wall on the second to last door is seethrough from in between the doors. The teleporting naked guys and flying jesus didn't scare me at all, only the poofer that came out of the closet at the end was well placed and quite good. The other grunt was easy to dodge, and wasn't all that scary.
And I played through this in like 10 minutes. So really way too short.

So if you do another project, or improve this one I'd say:
1. ADD AMBIENCE MUSIC! Costum stories without ambience are always kinda dull and feel less scary.
2. WAY longer playtime. And maybe some more puzzles than just finding hidden keys.
3. try to figure out the texture glitches.
4. Better scares.

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