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Monster Pet/Buddy Mod (NG v2.8) - Ultima669 & updated now by Dafama2k7 (29-1-2008)

------- Description -------

This mod lets you spawn in any monster as your 'pet'.

+ Pets will attack your enemies on sight.
+ You can command pets to move to a position, attack, or follow/stay.
+ Pets can carry flashlights or have mounted lights.
+ Pets can be teleported to a new location if they become stuck.
+ You can check your pets status by placing the crosshair over them.

Archvile as a Pet
+ If your pet is an Archvile you can command it to respawn your pets, and
respawn dead enemies to become new pets. ***READ: 'Commanding Pets'***
+ Archviles can be commanded to Automatically Respawn selected pets.

NOTE: AI in this mod is not perfect. This is buggy.

Using Pets...:

When weapon_Fist are selected you can...:

Reload Key - Select a pet and command it to move, attack, follow, or stay.

When weapon_HandGrenade are selected you can...:

Reload Key - Command all pets to move or attack.

When weapon_Pistol, Machinegun or Plasmagun are selected you can...:

Reload key - Teleports all pets to a new location (only when pistol is already loaded).

------- History -------

v2.8 NG + Fixed configs.
+ Updated to latest NG shaders.
+ Added Chromatic Dispersion shaders by TheRealSceneGraphManager.
+ Added shotgun double to D3 base version.
+ Added random sounds & zombies spawn thanks to Mausus Atlas.
+ Added 3 TinMan D3SP maps addapted for Pets (Mars City 2, Administration & Alpha Labs 1).

v2.7 NG + Updated BFG & Plasmagun.
+ Added better zmaint skins.
+ Updated some Pets.
+ Fixed bugs.

v2.6 NG + Updated & fixed bugs added in v2.5 NG.
+ Added more ROE support & Dafama resources.

v2.5 NG + Initial NG release.
+ Updated & fixed weapons & monsters.
+ Using fixed scripts from latest Annihilation X NG to prevent script bug & to enhance even more this mod.

BETA2.4 + Now compatible with the ROE expansion!
+ Added a ton of new petdefs (almost all monsters, plus their variations, and Bosses too!)
+ Added/Modifed scripts for the Guardian and Sabaoth, so that they can be your pets
+ Fixed some Archvile bugs.
+ Added new archvile attack.

BETA2.3 + Added Archvile Auto-Respawn option

BETA2.2 - Tweaked alot of things, fixed some bugs.
+ Added more petsdefs...
+ Added Archvile respawning abilities

BETA2.1 + Added 'All Follow' command.
+ Add more pets (Bernie, ZsecMachinegun, Zombie Sawyer, Commando..)
+ Changed the HUD to keep track of your pets (looks ugly: still working on it)
- Added teleport command
- Fixed up some things (again)
+ Sometimes pets will attack you or other pets.
+ When you have alot of pets, some may not teleport until the there is enough room.

BETA2.0 + If you shoot your pet it may attack you or wander aimlessly depending on what monster it is
+ If "pet_infight" is true, and you command a pet to attack itself, it will

BETA1 - Initial Beta Release
- Cleaned up some things, and added the ability to command your pets

------- Installation -------
1. Extract the folder in the zip file to the Doom 3 directory.
2. Load the mod and play the game !

There is a Autoexec.cfg included in the zip file that will automatically load pet_config.cfg.
if you already have an Autoexec.cfg file, then just include 'exec pet_config.cfg' in one of the
lines. you can also type 'exec pet_config.cfg' in the console whenever the game loads.

------- Usage -------
1. Open any map or play a single player game (partially supported [teleporting]).
2. if you want the monster to be your pet then spawn them with the 'team' key set
to '0' or just spawn a monster with 'pet_' in front of their name.

example b: spawn monster_demon_imp team 0
spawn monster_zombie_fat team 0
spawn army_zsec_plasma team 0
spawn pet_revenant

------- Commanding Pets -------

NOTE: you can set the commands to any key by changing them in "pet_config.cfg" file

B - Select a pet and command it to move, attack, follow, or stay
V - Command all pets to move or attack
N - Teleports all pets to a new location

press B to select a pet. press B again on the selected pet and it will toggle the follow command.
After selecting a pet, press B to move to a position, or press B on an enemy (really you can target anyone)
and it will attack it.

press V to command all pets to attack somebody or to move to a certain position. *If you want them
all to follow you, point downwards and press V.

If your pets get stuck somewhere or cannot follow you (ei. if you climb a ladder) you can
teleport all your pets to a new location by pressing N.

If the you select an archvile, you can do some special commands:
1. If you target dead pets, the archvile respawn them.
2. If you target pets that are alive, the archvile will keep them alive (Auto Respawn)
3. if you target dead enemies, the archvile will respawn that enemy and will make it your new pet.

You can still tell your pet to follow and stay by 'talking' to them.

------- Cvars -------

pet_infight - if true then you can command your pets to attack each other
pet_noLights - if true, pets will not spawn with light attachments
pet_lightNoShadows - if true, pet lights will not cast shadows
pet_showHealthPct - if true, pet display will show health in percent form
pet_infoNoColor - if true, pet info will not have color

------- Pets -------

pet_revenant_onelight (2)
pet_archvile ***

NOTE: Any kind of monster can be your pet, just set the team to 0.

------- Army -------
These are variations of the normal ZSec monsters and are much stronger


------- Bugs -------

* The AI is really simple and may seem stupid at times
* in single-player maps, your pet may not follow or become blocked (Monster Clip)
* Sometimes pets seem like they won't listen to your commands (Because of monster clip)
* Flying monsters (Lost Soul, Cacodemon) will not follow you properly

If there are any bugs or problems, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL AT and I
will try and to help you as soon as possible.

------- Thanks -------- - for hosting this file!
ID Software - for making Doom 3.
Spunky - for making Annihilation X mod.
------- Thanks --------

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Pet Mod NG 2.5

Full Version

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