Total Conversion (mod) for the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. «Twilight of the Archaic» is a small add-on for Penumbra: Necrologue. This addition will be the final chapter in the story and will provide answers to the majority of questions that many people had after passing the main game.

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This was really fun and I had such a fantastic experience.
Despite it being shorter than Necrolouge, I think this one was way better, you don't get lost as much until you figure out what you're doing, being smart like me :3

I really love this mod, really really do. Enemy encounters can be annoying but are perfect. Scares always got me xD
The atmosphere was one of the most things I liked in this mod. It definetly was breathtaking.

A from me 9/10, thank you CounterCurrent Games.

Some crashes here and there.
I really missed M as Fast memento.
Missing some quests-helps (cable and screwdriver for example.)

Voiceacting at the start (guy) was speaking like a jet. SO fast...

The woman was amazing!!!

For the rest of the Voiceacting : great!

Mapping : 13\10 Just.... F*ing amazing!
Story : 5\10 nothing special.. ending is kinda disappointed but made sence.
Scripting : 9\10 Missing some more effects

Overall nothing more special then Necroloque (sorry for comparing)

Just missed some special cool things \ events (sanity events)

9\10 for me, this was freekign amazing!!!

Superb mod.

EVERYONE should play this!

отличная работа!

Very good. For full walkthrough see my Youtube channel: Swankest CZ


This is definitely an improvement over Necrologue in many ways.

The storyline is still pretty weak unfortunately.

Voice Acting:
The voice acting is really good.

The gameplay is a vast improvement upon Necrologue's. This time There's a new mechanic known as stamina. The stamina system felt very fresh and original. The puzzles were much better this time around. They had better direction, and were much more fun to solve.

Level Design:
The level design was great as always.

Sound Design:
The sound design is great as always.

The atmosphere was very scary.

While the storyline was still very weak, everything else was a vast improvement upon the previous mod.


Music 10/10
Sounds 8/10
Voice Actors/Acting 10/10
Athmopshere 10/10
Level Desing 7.5/10


Twilight of the Archaic takes everything that I didn't like about Necrologue and turns it up to eleven.
Christ, that's a terrible ending.


Skelatilian04 says

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Penumbra: Twilight of the Archaic (TOTA) is a mod of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, based off of the Penumbra series that had potential, but I feel as if it was not utilised to its fullest. I like it better (slightly) than the previous iteration, Necrologue, but the longer hunter encounters as well as the decent length allowed me to enjoy it.

After a wasted introduction that could have been expanded on more with you being chased by Zombies and having learn more through this tense encounter could have made a great set-up and an amazing introduction to a decent mod. You play as Eleanor a researcher in the facility of the Archaic, and is attempting to escape now that the infection has spread to her closest allies. You go through a section with a morgue and a hunter, which was good for what it was as you see all the damage occurring to the facility by Frisk and the Zombies, and made for a tense encounter. You then go through a few puzzles to reach insane Professor Wilmar, who is essentially the only friendly voice in the facility.

The puzzles themselves are, in my opinion, too simplistic and does not test anything that is higher than put things together and function. The difficulty instead the exploration to find the items and tools needed to progress. The exploration is made a lot easier, and better due to the smaller size of the areas and makes for a more positive experience because of it. But I found myself unable to find the way to continue without a guide, especially in the mine area, and it dampened my experience.

I have the same problem with the Overweight Wilmar that I do with the slithery Frisk-they look scary, but there is not enough built u with either if them to make for a terrifying encounter.

The use of environments is varied and nice as a callback to requiem, but were too dry in terms of atmosphere to envelop me in the freshness.

Even later into the game when you meet Specimen 12 (hehe), whilst he does increase the tension due to being the first proper patrol area that is maze-like in the mod, the darkness as well as his admittedly cool idea of using flares was both frustrating and slightly memorable, but due to his...quirks, he is made more of a obstacle rather than a proper focus in that part of the game. Plus he was annoying... and funny.

However there is a bold ending[s?], a very Penumbra art-style, new enemies, a few cool chase sequences as well as a great introduction makes me give it a recommendation-if you have nothing else to be playing or you really like Penumbra.

Although I like this slightly better (though it fluctuates) Necrologue does more things better than this, but is still a fun experience overall. Another thing-it did not scare me too much, other than the intro.

That's it for me.

P.S. There are multiple technical problems here such as getting stuck in a conveyor belt and not being able to return without a restart, freezing during loading screens, crashing on Linux which I played on before,being unable to start the game on anything but high settings or it won't start, and freezing during progression flashes. Had these been addressed I feel as if I would have been more immersed and more scared by the new introductions.


Penumbra 5. Very strong continuation to the Penumbra series, looking at the same events from different perspective. Developers are very passionate about universe and they still surprise me how well-crafted their mods are.

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I have made a review in video form.

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