Total Conversion (mod) for the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Penumbra: Necrologue is a continuation of the Penumbra series made by Frictional Games. The game starts right where the last game in the series ended (Penumbra: Requiem). In our game you will see new objects, quests, textures, monsters and music. With the help of the latest HPL engine, this mod will be even more beautiful then the previous games. As huge fans of the original games, we kept the atmosphere exactly like the previous parts. The game is very story-driven and contains many objects that can be interacted with, along with clever puzzle designs.

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This was an enjoyable, high-quality mod. However, there are some points that prevent me from giving a 10 rating.

- Until the end, most of the story involved backtracking through the previous games, which kind of made it tedious since it consists of long, repetitive corridors and endless similar-looking rooms.
- Most of the puzzles were difficult, involving elements that are hard to find, with very few clues on what to do or how to do it. I had to rely on a walk-through for most of it.
- The ending itself kind of felt anticlimactic and ambiguous.
- The collectors item seems to have no purpose and has nothing to do with the story in any way.

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Now, I really wanted to like this mod, but that never became a thing. There were annoying parts and wonderful parts and tbh it was mostly annoying. Firstly, the fact that you used literally all Penumbra enemies really cheered me up. You also managed to implement the Hunter properly as well, which for most of the time has been a completely unknown enemy until today. Now I havent seen it yet in game, but I've seen a screenshot one of my friends sent to me. So fantastic job on that. Now, here came…

Nov 1 2014 by SwedishGames