This mod will evolve your Max Payne 2 experience to a whole new level, one step closer to its successor Max Payne 3. With new models, weapons, animations, graphic effects, sounds, particles, and so on this mod will improve your good old Max Payne 2 to make it shine again in the next generation gaming.

weaponsmith says

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Combining a bad game with a Garbage game is not what you do to make a good game.
Max Payne 2 was extremely disappointing which wasn't a surprise since Max Payne 1 was pretty much the whole story and anything else would be padding Max Payne 3 is a joke and does not deserve any attention its just a garbage cash in on the license since Rock stars other terrible games weren't making enough money at the time.
Its quite Hilarious how bad this mod is its almost fittingly **** the only good thing is they fixed the bullet time but since all the other features suck it doesn't really matter.
Overall this mod is pointless and combines 2 things that dont fit together so its a completely failure just like the sum of its parts.

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I'm surprised at the things you were able to do with the Original Engine, and how you were able to get a functioning bullet time system and gun handling system like that of Max Payne 3. I like the little things in the mod, like how you can drink bottles of Kong Scotch and have that 'drunk' effect. Also how Max has periodical flashbacks in certain situations. The "Dead man Walking" feels just like Arcade mode in MP3, and that you took bits from other mods you made like Payne Effects 3 and Max Payne…

Jan 2 2014 by AntonioV