Patience is a custom story about a boy and a girl. It includes voice acting, and custom music. Scripting is innovative. Requires patch 1.3

HeRo-Snacky says

6/10 - Agree Disagree

Completed this story, and oh man, was I disappointed.

Story: ✕
I first thought that the storyline would be cliché, but it turned out to be quite interesting. Very sad and depressing in fact. You might be thinking that if the storyline was quite interesting, then why did I give it just 2? Well, the reason can be found below. = 2/10

Mapping: ⁓
Not the best, but not bad at all. Very basic. = 6/10

Scare factor: N/A
Not gonna say anything, because this wasn't supposed to be scary.

Atmosphere: ✔
This was the strongest part of this story. At some points the atmosphere made me feel sad, and the sadness and depressiveness was touchable. = 8/10

Puzzles: ✕
None. = 1/10

Texture glitches: ✔/ N/A
Found actually no texture glitches at all- not that common in stories. However, due to the shortness of this CS, I'm not gonna take that as a part of the final score. Otherwise 10/10.

Music: ✔
Sad and depressing piano music, throughout almost the whole mod. Got a little boring in the end the end tho, and no other music was found. = 7/10

Creativity: ⁓
Story of boy and a girl is a little bit cliche, and the mapping was very basic. Not that much of a negative though. = 6/10

I loved the gameplay- how you can interact with things was superb.

However, there was a H-U-G-E disappointment. I was finishing the storyline which was pretty touching- the girl had died and the boy was missing her. The girl asked, if the boy would love the girl forever- boy said no.
Then, the girl died in the yard.
"I was about to say that i'll love you 5ever. Liek if u crie every tiem"

Are you fu*king kidding me? Or even serious? Why did you ruin great cs with some childish, non-funny stuff from the internet? If you would not have put that there (which I REALLY hope you shouldn't have done), the overall score would have been higher. Very, very dumb and not even close to funny.

If you would NOT have put that stupid lame s*it in the end, the story's score would have been given 7,1 ⁓ 7.

However, the overall score is
5,7 ⁓ 6.

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