Patience is a custom story about a boy and a girl. It includes voice acting, and custom music. Scripting is innovative. Requires patch 1.3

SwedishGames says

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This custom story is descent in terms of level design, scripting, voice acting and music. But it's the fact that this custom story is pretty empty otherwise, if you look at the storyline and length of the custom story.

I know that this custom story is meant to be a joke in general, but if you're gonna do so at least make it funny in some way. You were instead building up a story that seemed promising for a detailed and nice custom story. And then in the ending you just run it into the ground and the "Liek if u kry every tim" just made me "Come on...".

I don't have much else to say, since I didn't find any errors in the levels themselves. The scripting is pretty sweet and the level design (despite being short af) is quite good. But this is very empty and I didn't expect this from you.

Like mentioned previously, you could've put more effort into it despite being a joke cs. I would recommend putting in some jokes, filling in better what the cs was firstly meant to be. It would do good since this particular storyline isn't really one to joke around with.


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