While you have to satisfy your daily needs such as eating or sleeping , you'll need to guess who of the other player is the alien before he turns you into one. So this is a "the thing " gamemode for garry's mod 10. An average game last about 15 minutes. You start at a random position in a spaceship. One of the player is an alien with an human form , so you can't see he is an alien host. The alien can turn into his alien form at any time. When he is in alien form , you can't see his name aswell , so the only way to be sure that a player is alien is to see him transforming . Note : The alien is chosen 2 minute after the game as started , after this , all player that join are alien spawn (can't use human form). The point of this game is trying deduce wich players are aliens. And kill them , before they kill you. At the beginning , you don't have any weapons. Weapons can be picked up but their weigh prevent you from carrying too much. Players have 4...

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