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Story: Become John Hart, a paranormal investigator who hardly believes in what he does. Called to investigate 6 unexplainable murders, John turns from the hunter to the hunted, as he is framed by the killer himself, and soon discovers a deadly secret that quickly sparks to a cunning conspiracy and its a race for Johns life as he must find the killer, expose the conspiracy and prove his innocence.

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In this new update we have: A WIP narration script for the game! A brand, new screenshot from the almost finished Forest map! A little note for you! And we want you to help us find a voice actor! Read on, fellow Paranormaller!

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Welcome to our 2nd Update!

First off, the first couple levels narration script WIP

"Exordium quod terminus"
"The beginning of the end"

I once had a family, two old parents and a beautiful girlfriend. They were taken from me. No matter how hard I gripped on to them, they were still ripped away from my grasp. I don’t know who or what took them, who stormed into the tiny cottage and make the street echo with fear. Whatever it was, I’m certain it could not have stood the site of the bodies laying there, charred beyond belief. It even took me a minute to realize that those bodies where the people who cared for me the most, the people I cherished more than everything else on this planet. I must have seemed like an emotionless bastard at that moment, as I stared at the bodies. I knew I wasn’t. No one can imagine the bullet that shoots through you at this point; it’s not possible to instantly accept that they have gone. You would have no idea, unless you’ve stood over the charred-up carcasses known as the ones you love, not even able to recognise they’re faces. One tear crept down my cheek, but the rest of my emotions came out as anger. This marked the point of no return, of no way back. Whoever or whatever had done this, would pay. Even if it marked the end of my own path, the end of my own life…
--> My name is John Hart. I was once a detective, an average cop roaming the streets. This was until all those I loved were taken from me. My parents and a beautiful fiancé. I was all alone in this world, except from Tommy Ring, the police chief. He helped me through it, resigned me and pointed me in the right direction. He thought I had gone crazy when I started to research ‘ghosts and ghouls', the creatures that crawl around under the shadow of darkness. After 4 extensive years of training, I became a Paranormal Investigator and I believed that the paranormal was the only explanation for they're death. I lost contact with everyone I knew, Tommy, and various other friends. I was now completely alone and lost in the dark. It took awhile to start getting business, it wasn't exactly a day to day thing and most people thought I was crazy. I started getting jobs, some changed how I looked at the world, the monsters that lurk in your darkest dreams, were now things I fought in my daily job. I never stopped searching for they're murderer, though, and I doubt I ever will. Then, out of the blue, Tommy phoned, asking me to investigate a grisly, unexplained murder.

And that was my first mistake. Picking up the phone...

I went to the Crime Scene and investigated, finding the body. A cop was shot, and that began the chase, under the midnight sky. It lead me to a shack, with Tommy waiting outside. I entered, examining every corner of the goddamn place. I ventured up the stairs and was smacked, falling back and tumbling to my ultimate doom.
I wished on that day that I died from that fall, that the crimson darkness would engulf me and swoop me away to a better, different place. But that wasn't the case this time. I was forced to live on. A higher force kept me alive and refused me the death which I wanted, so I could be with them again. It was like I was the hamster, running around the wheel, unable to stop and leave.
When I awoke, I wished even more that I was dead. A group of officers, a couple of faces I knew, lay there. Dead. Ripped to shreds. The Moon hung over me, the shadow projected on the wall infront, like a deranged madman waiting for my next reaction. It seemed to me, like that shadowy figure pointed it out, but maybe that was just in my mind, but I saw it and realized why I wasn't with the bodies on the floor. In my hand, like a sinister force had placed it there, was a gun. The gun. The weapon that brutally exeututed the poor officers that lay lifeless on the floor. The suddenly realization hit me, like a bullet to the head. I was being framed, and the police sirens that came next confirmed that thereoy.

The next few seconds was a blur, like watching the New York metro fly past me every second. Was I going crazy? Did I really kill them? I was completely unsure about myself in those couple of minutes before the door was kicked in and the wave of SWAT flooded the building.
I knew what would happen. With Tommy missing these SWAT officers would go too far to get answers. I couldn't be put down like this, I had to get out, escape. Not for my own sake, but for the other victims waiting to be exiuted by the sick, deranged murderer. They got in the room, saw the bodies and beat the fuck out of me.

After endless amounts of torture, I had to get out. These people were going too far, I was on the brink of lying to them and saying I did it, just to get them to stop. But I didn't and grabbed one of there guns. I couldn't kill any, though. Even if my body earged at it, like a evil demon wanted to rip out of me, and slaughter every one. I was skilled with a gun and either aimed for thier guns, legs or arms.

I got out and ran. After what seemed like years of endless running, I dumped myself behind a vandilsed car, the surrounding area must have been the village I had seen on the way to the forest, or in other words, my doom.

Secondly, some more screenies! One with our new FOG!

More Early Gameplay Screens!More Early Gameplay Screens!New Fog Screen - Massively Improved Forest Map!

Lastly, we are looking for a voice actor with a gritty, Max Payne style of voice! Know anyone who would be good? Tell us! Or just send some of your work to:

Next Update, The Weapons & Enemies!

Note: In the next few days, Hidden Temple Games will become 2132 Entertainment!

The Paranormal Team...

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