Paradise Lost - a modification for the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl, developing since 2007, based on the recovery of content that is not ranked to the final game.

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Description of features Paradise Lost Modification.

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[☢] The total range of colors close to the style of builds: removed the bluish light surfaces in daylight; added advantage of gray, beige and green tones - depending on the location, time of day or lighting, and weather, improved lighting, many sources
[☢] Returned shaders and some visual effects for DX9-render, present in build 2218 and several subsequent, but not included in the final version of the game: bloom, motion blur, the effect of "redness of view" in the direct sunlight, traces of light sources, high geometric detail of the reliefs; improved graphics on DX8-render
[☢] Changed textures of the surface and vegetation in many locations to build style; returned many textures of sky, which not included in the release; changed textures of some weapons, costumes and mutants to versions of the builds
[☢] Returned oblique rain
[☢] Returned sounds a lot environment, mutants, and other weapons of builds, restored some of the NPC and sound cues in the receivers of the builds
[☢] Redistributed the soundtrack to the locations
[☢] Added a lot of dynamic objects in the new location
[☢] Replaced the original animations protagonist and NPCs to the animation of build 2215
[☢] Returned to some features of NPC, not included in this release: smoking near camp fire, stretching the torso, watching the clock, limping for cover, throwing bolts at anomalies etc.; returned to the materialization of a mutant "Poltergeist"
[☢] Added some older models and visuals NPC: novices in jackets, exoskeletons, etc., returned clipped mutants: a rat, a civilian zombies, a kink, a chimera, a Burer, creeping "Poltergeist" (not able to turn into an energy ball, but has a strong anomalous power), speed controller (able to move quickly and talk, but has a weak telepathic abilities)
[☢] Repossessed vehicles in the game
[☢] Returned momentum transfer from the anomaly "springboard" to the objects that got in her
[☢] Returned the bloodsucker's "kiss", and telepathic attack of pseudodog (authored by Shadows, Charsi), as well as many other carved posteffects
[☢] Partially restored the old version of the story line (characters, plot scenes, dialogues, the main jobs, side jobs)
[☢] Added stalker network and reports of death (authored by OGSE Team)
[☢] Modified design of the game to the old style
[☢] Changed the structure and capabilities of PDA (messaging capabilities are not) (authored by Shadows)
[☢] In the equipment is added: the belt of ammunition and equipment slots for knives, binoculars and a flashlight, the ability to rest, indicating the timer (for authoring Charsi, Shadows)
[☢] Added the ability to sleep in the ground to sleep (authored by Mechanic, Shoker)
[☢] Improved AI NPC: a search of corpses, throwing grenades (authored by xStream)
[☢] Added periodic emissions (authored by DEXXX)
[☢] Fixed some bugs of original game
[☢] Added new videos to the game, and a little tweaked original movies (authored by RuWar)
[☢] And much more...

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