Digital Paint: Paintball 2 was originally a Quake2 mod. Now that Quake2 has been released under the GPL, Paintball2 has become a complete standalone game with an enhanced, open-sourced engine. Between the Quake2 physics and the one shot kills, it's an extremely fast paced game with numerous maps and gameplay modes. Gameplay modes include Elimination, CTF, 1-Flag CTF, Siege, Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Pong. Some of the engine enhancements include reflective water and skeletal animation.

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Build 20 features must faster file downloads so you'll have new maps and other custom content in seconds instead of minutes.

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Build 20 has been "out" for a while now, on the forums and downloads page, but between my current employment crisis (turns out I'm not moving to California now - if anybody is looking for a skilled developer, let me know), having all my stuff packed up, and some exploits discovered that people have been using to crash servers, it's been a little difficult to put together an official release.

So here's what's new with build 20:

Fast file downloads!  These take place over UDP, so no additional configuration should be needed, but if you want to tweak things:
- sv_fast_download enables/disables fast file downloading on a server (on by default).
- sv_fast_download_max_rate sets the absolute max total transfer rate in KB/s.  Effectively, rates will be much slower than this, recommend leaving at 0 to disable.
- cl_fast_download enables/disables fast file downloads on the client (on by default).

New sounds.  I've been able to record higher quality audio from some of the weapons.  Currently just the Stingray, Trracer and Automag RT have been re-done, along with a couple things like splats.  These were recorded in 48khz, so crank your audio options up to 48khz for best results.  Since I know a lot of people are picky about changes, the new sounds are currently optional.
- To obtain the new sounds, run the full install.
- To stick with the old sounds, you must have an older version then run the update.

There is not currently a Linux client release because my Linux install auto-hosed itself again and I can't even get the game to run due to driver issues, but you should be able to use the server update, in theory.  The executable is the same, but it may or may not run properly.

Run over to the Digital Paint files page to grab the newest version and enjoy your fast file downloads (on servers that are updated)!

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