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Follow the steps in this tutorial to activate the remote server admin mode in the painkeep v1.2 source update. *** NOTE: this only works for painkeep if version 2.X or 1.2.X unofficial update is installed!

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Welcome to the advanced server administration section.

The admin menu set for painkeep v1.2.1+ is intended to be a complete server feature control system that is simple to use and works under any engine interface.

In order to use the admin menus or send admin impulses to the server the following steps must be taken.

1. install the update from painkeep.v1.2.1.tgz or any post 1.2.1 version into quake/painkeep
according to the directions found in the appropriate document file.

2. edit admin.cfg, the following line must be changed:
alias float1 "saved2 -1"
You will need to replace -1 with some code value consisting of a series of digits 0-9.

alias float "saved2 72779673"
// "password" on a phone keypad - do not use this sample!

It is strongly recommended that you do not use this code - it might be easy to guess. We recommend at least 5 or 6 digits that are easy to remember - a phone keypad is a good resource for this.
using codes like this: 11111, 12345, 463 (God), 739 (sex), 72465337 (painkeep), 78253 (quake).

Note: you must restart the server for changes in admin.cfg to take effect.

*** VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ***: Never distribute admin.cfg with your servers access codes - players do not need this information, and clients do not need admin.cfg to run admin remotely on a dedicated server. Only the server process needs admin.cfg enabled. It is also recommended that you always use a dedicated server and not a local client-server.

3. start a quake 1 (multiplayer) server with mod painkeep -
instructions for this can be found in various places, including the
quake 1 user documentation.

Example for a typical linux install:
cd {quake root dir} # i.e. /home/quake
quake -dedicated 8 -game painkeep
# Note: this launches a dedicated server - it has no local client game interface
More elements of the server may need to be configured for proper network play.

4. Connect a quake client to the server by following user instructions for this procedure.
Typically this can be done by running a quake client with painkeep mod:
quake -game painkeep

Open the main menu by hitting escape, then select the Multiplayer menu
item. From there select the submenu item Join a game. Many
advanced engines such as darkplaces will provide a list of servers,
local network severs first - select your server and hit enter.

Clients will need to have painkeep v1.2 update installed to run remote admin.

5. Once in the game, issue the admin impulse. It can be bound to
a key or entered manually. The default admin.cfg sets 182 as the
impulse number and binds it to "\".

Note: if you set the admin impulse to an existing impulse (for example
"8" - normally selects the thunderbolt) the admin impulse has priority
and will always execute first.

The admin impulse should _always_ be an unused impulse and never a
common impulse that players typically bind for game play (i.e 1-12,
255, and painkeep impulses.)

6. A password entry dialog is displayed in the center of the
screen. If you are using a client that implements r_ambient, the
3d view will darken to make menu viewing easier. Enter your
password code with digits 0-9. Hit backspace to delete a
character. Characters entered will be echoed with "*" up to nine
digits - beyond that echo stops. Hit enter to login.

7. To use the old admin system after a successful login enter 97 at the
first menu. You will be returned to normal game mode, however, a
glowing light will float over your head - all players will know who is
using remote admin. When in the game after entering 97, you can
enter any of the painkeep admin impulses and play normally. To
return to the menu, issue the admin impulse again.


When you issue the admin impulse your in game avatar is rendered
invincible, unable to fire, code chasecam is disabled and in painkeep mode unable to pick up
items. You will also be crowned with a glowing light ball.
While you are in the admin menus, this state will persist.

The default admin.cfg sets a timeout of 2 minutes if no charaters are
entered. This is for server security and balanced play - it
prevents admins from setting admin mode then taking a break. It
also helps prevent a random passerby from accessing a remote admin
login that was abandoned in this fashion. This timeout should
never be set to 0.

Failed login: if you fail to enter the correct password your in game
avatar will be locked in invincible / no fire / no pickup mode for 30

Escaped login: if you escape the login with the admin impulse your in
game avatar will be locked in invincible / no fire / no pickup mode for
10 seconds.

These are security features to prevent abuse of the admin
invulnerability. You should never reveal the admin impulse or
password code to anyone you dont trust to run your server and play

We also recommend that you change the impulse and password
monthly. You must restart the entire server to update it with
admin.cfg changes. Avoid using commonly bound impulses for the admin impulse.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.


(updated: 8.25.9)

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