You step inside a life of a man who steals for living and is hunted by City guards. And who has lost his light in the darkness. His wife. Rikhard is a thief. He gets certain objects for his clients. But after the murder of his wife by a hitman hired by an angry man who was robbed by Rikhard, he got depressed and started drinking. Lost the house and moved to the miserable hideout in the allies. Not doing big jobs anymore, he's doing his living by picking pockets. But then, he wakes up to a knock on his door. A note left under the door inviting Rikhard to his house for a job.The note was sent by his good friend and a client, Thomas. This custom story is heavily inspired by Thief-game series.

Paulpolska says

7/10 - Agree Disagree

I play it very long time ago but I always forgot to gives my reviews.


- Nice rpg style,
- First TDD mod where I seen dog in TDD. Nice !
- Long game playing,
- Stealth mode,


- Not much scares,
- A lot of running to make mini progress in the game,

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