You step inside a life of a man who steals for living and is hunted by City guards. And who has lost his light in the darkness. His wife. Rikhard is a thief. He gets certain objects for his clients. But after the murder of his wife by a hitman hired by an angry man who was robbed by Rikhard, he got depressed and started drinking. Lost the house and moved to the miserable hideout in the allies. Not doing big jobs anymore, he's doing his living by picking pockets. But then, he wakes up to a knock on his door. A note left under the door inviting Rikhard to his house for a job.The note was sent by his good friend and a client, Thomas. This custom story is heavily inspired by Thief-game series.

Frostedge says

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To be honest, if this is really inspired by the Thief series, it's missing the main point of the entire franchise, player-controlled sneaking.

The voice-acting is subpar, and often drowned out completely by the ambient music. Having subtitles would cure this problem, sadly, it's absent. Practically any text in the game has butchered grammar and bad spelling.

Forcing the player's view to every single group of guards undermines the player's capability to fail or be surprised by anything other than what's meant to be surprising. The entire story is unnecessarily linear with blockboxes harrassing the player at every turn and destroying any freedom the player has over the course of every mission.

All the while when trees are involved, these blockboxes are conspicuously absent. With the path not being very clear, it's easy to glitch into the trees and having to reload a save, or in my case, the entire story. For a second time, the first being when I accidentally crouched when meeting with my first mission-giver. Apparently, the game wrestled control away like it does in any "cut-scene", but there was no voice acting or progress for a minute, and I had to restart.

The guards are indeed, as they should be in any Thief game, blundering idiots who couldn't see in darkness for the life of them. But if that's all you've got going in the Custom Story that is supposed to remind us of Thief, then you'll need to replay the games and re-evaluate your mod.

Enemies don't move. The last time I played a Thief game, guards would chase your squishy thiefy behind through the streets to capture you. Instead, here, they stand still, being 'blundering' in their own non-comical ways.
Why haven't you just used edited Amnesia monsters to have a dynamic enemy, and then have the cutscenes/notes/text contain the humour? This could've been a lot better if the player had active influence, or even give the player multiple approaches to a problem.

This doesn't measure up to Thief in any way.

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