WW2 free dynamic campaign, based on deeply reworked Overthrow mod code. It is a very complex mod with some strategic elements, designed for a long gameplay. History of mod: as many others, I was deeply disappointed in standard Arma 3 campaign, during the lack of quality users content, and the idea of making resistance-style campaign was born. Overthrow mod was the very first kind of mission I really liked in A3, so in 2019 I started to adapt it for WW2 setting. So maybe it looks not so good in UI as Old Man scenario, as I didn't paid much attention for graphical element, but was focused mostly on a dynamic gameplay progression and advanced gameplay elements. You'll not be able to see all of its features even after tens of hours of playing, as it was designed to provide a challenge at any time of game progress. Refer to a Discord channel (you can find the link on the Steam page) to read about implemented features. For now it is the most advanced and optimized Overthrow platform.

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The beginning wasn't so bad. We managed to take out one recon plane and one Ju-87, but then...

Firstly, our Pak-38 wasn't able to take out the King Tiger, which led the column. It rushed through, and was destroyed only after several minutes with Panzerschreck.

We also managed to destroy almost all of the attacking forces, but lost the first phase, and germans sent more paratroopers.

At the end of all the base was literally flattened. We've lost almost all of our vehicles and men. Now we need to set up a base somewhere outside of this known position.

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