WW2 free dynamic campaign, based on deeply reworked Overthrow mod code. It is a very complex mod with some strategic elements, designed for a long gameplay. History of mod: as many others, I was deeply disappointed in standard Arma 3 campaign, during the lack of quality users content, and the idea of making resistance-style campaign was born. Overthrow mod was the very first kind of mission I really liked in A3, so in 2019 I started to adapt it for WW2 setting. So maybe it looks not so good in UI as Old Man scenario, as I didn't paid much attention for graphical element, but was focused mostly on a dynamic gameplay progression and advanced gameplay elements. You'll not be able to see all of its features even after tens of hours of playing, as it was designed to provide a challenge at any time of game progress. Refer to a Discord channel (you can find the link on the Steam page) to read about implemented features. For now it is the most advanced and optimized Overthrow platform.

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Overthrow WW2


Warning: it is a complex mod, and it needs some time for setting up. It is available at the Steam Workshop with all dependencies:
Any suggestions, bugreports and, of course, mentions, are welcome.

Some of new features:

  • Code optimization for dedicated servers - most of resource-hungry scripts runs only on a server.
  • Widely used dynamic simulation with dynamically adjusted distance - to keep large amount of vehicles at once.
  • Full support for one Headles Client.
  • Fully reworked Altis, to fit the time period.
  • HD textures for Iron Front integrated.
  • Advanced persistent save, including mines, ACE cargo, vehicle camouflage version, etc. Even destroyed buildings will be saved, and it will affects your income.
  • Failsafe feature, which restarts parts of a code which had stopped/failed.
  • Partial support of GM and Naval Legends mods - once activated, some objects from it will be used in campaign.
  • Unique realistic radio system for AI, the radio contact calcuation based on a terrain, range and transceiver power factors.
  • Most complex camo and visibility system - germans use radios for sharing info about you, your position, and aim their artillery. The stealth parameters affected by huge amount of factors.
  • Limited number of enemy vehicles on Altis - you could destroy all of their tanks/planes, and it won't be spawned, until they get a reinforcements.
  • Complex cargo delivering system - all vehicles are delivered by ships, and it takes time.
  • Enemy convoys virtualization - german attacks are very tough. No more single vehicles coming to your positions.
  • Powerful german artillery and air support, including strategic bombers - which can erase your whole base (if it would be spotted), and counter-battery system.
  • Altis population is limited. People can be killed by germans, or recruited as soldiers - and all of this decreases the population - from where you recieve an income.
  • Complex revive system, combined from vanilla revive and PiR mod. AI squad members can revive each other, as well as you can revive them.
  • Improved base building - dynamic gun placing and saving, base lighting system, air raid sirens, etc.
  • Integrated dzn jamming script and TPW fog
  • Allies can help you in some battles, endgame implemented.
  • and many more.
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