(An important note, the mod was originally created on the basis of a vanilla game - this means that maps from patches 1.4 - 1.6 will most likely not work correctly. I also recommend making a backup copy of the Original Campaign, since the mod replaces the Campaign of the original game)

The mod rework the existing balance:
*Almost all ranged units are now as effective as melee units, most of the units that could previously fly are now floating and can be overrun through walls (However, as they level up, they get fly ability)

*Added new ability Flamming Arrows (Replaced by throwing stones).

*Cavalry has become more tenacious (from 16 to 28 hp) and deadly (the attack of the mounted units is at least 12, even if the cavalry is of a low level, its attacking potential is always useful), melee units have a minimum attack of 8 (which prolongs the relevance of low-level units).

*Heroes were reworked and new ones were added (most of them correspond to their portraits), some of the heroes have improved abilities (for example, Nildu's poison darts increased attack and damage). Priests are different for everyone (but unlike patch 1.4, Syrons and Shadow Demons do not have them, but their alternatives are much stronger ...)

*Most buildings in the game now require money (and mana) to maintain (some buildings require mana to build), and some buildings can only be rebuilt if your city is large enough. Also, the starting bonuses of races have been reworked (For example, the leaders in production are dwarves, and in terms of population growth are goblins)

*Mage perks are now class-based. There are three of them: Urban-Class (Specializes in the growth and production of cities, as well as their income), Mage-Class (specializes in more play from spells and summoned creatures) and Warrior-Class (Specializes in the speed of troops and their pumping, also its perks reduce the salary of units). By choosing one of the perks, for example, the "Warrior" class, the perks of other classes will not be available to you.

*Some spells have reduced their cost (for example, exile and bind summoned creatures).

*In the mod there are maps remade for the mod, as well as two original ones made by me - Sea Paradise and Alternatives to the Valley of Wonder (it is not finished, but it is quite playable).

I hope have summarized all the basics. I may have missed something (For example, a playable original campaign)

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Age of Wonders IV is the newest title from Triumph Studios, currently slated for a May release. Before their acquisition by Paradox Interactive, they developed a number of other old school strategy games, usually with a fantasy emphasis (with a notable exception) - so here's four mods you can get right now, and one we think deserves a mention for its potential!


By realkirilllord


The mod reworks the existing balance of Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, adding tons of functionality to ranged units to increase their combat capability, increased tenacity for cavalry, and reworked heroes to improve their balance (whilst new names also join the roster). This joins adjustments to larger scale systems like building construction and magic which, overall, make this a very different experience for veterans.

Stargate Shadow Magic

By Gustaffsson

New buildings

Stargate Shadow Magic is a modification for Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, which will turn the world of the game upside down by changing the theme from medieval fantasy to Stargate. War with catapults, swordmen, archers and galleons is over; war with firearms, Staff Weapons, fighters, Deathgliders and spaceships begins.

Barbarian Mod

By ivicok


Sometimes, short and sweet is for the better - with this snappily named mod achieving plenty more than its simply namesake would suggest. All four races of Age of Wonders III receive reworked tech trees to change up the gameplay and give some additional strategies a chance; meanwhile, new units and new spells mean you've got more than ever to field in battle, expanding the variety of options available to stategists.

New Units (v.2) by Laurentius

By Laurentius

This classic mod goes back to basics and the original Age of Wonders, adding dozens of new units to the roster across all factions that switch up how engagements can play out. New buildings are also part of the offering - including towers and guilds - and the best part is that for other Age of Wonders modders, these additions have all been released with an open invitation to work them into your own mods (with credit, of course!)

Endless Annihilation

By Ahrimansiah


And now, for an as-of-yet unreleased but very promising looking mod for the incongruous Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Still possessing plenty in common with its predecessors mechanically, this game took things into sci-fi instead, and Endless Annihilation turns things up a notch with jet units, as well as cameo faction appearances from some other classic strategy factions like the Brotherhood of Nod and GDI. A solid mod to look forward to getting a chance to play!

A Wonderful World

Age of Wonders IV is the newest entry in Triumph Studios' Age of Wonders series of fantasy-based strategy games. Continuing the franchise's hallmark mix of expansive 4X strategy and gripping turn-based combat, it's looking to be another solid strategy offering from Paradox Interactive (who bought Triumph Studios back in 2017, gaining ownership of all their previous IP and getting a great addition to their deep-thinking umbrella of franchises). Whilst not yet out, many of the game's features have been discussed up to now, and newest among them is the expansion pass plan.

Image 5

Age of Wonders IV mixes 4X strategy with dramatic fantasy action

Building For The Ages

Expansions are intended to range all the way into the first half of 2024, adding new realms, factions, and set pieces to the game each time. Whilst it may be worth querying whether announcing expansions before an official release is suspect or not, it ultimately depends on the game's offering on day one. If it's content complete and rich with strategy, then these expansions will eventually be giving an already good title even more going for it. If not, it may be worth waiting for a time down the road when a bundle deal gives you the option of getting more bang for your buck. It remains to be seen, but we're optimistic Triumph Studios' classic roots can help them deliver another game for the ages.

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(An important note, the mod was originally created on the basis of a vanilla game - this means that maps from patches 1.4 - 1.6 will most likely not work...

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