There was more going on in City 17 than just what Gordon Freeman and Alyx were doing. Follow a new recruit as he struggles to find his place in the movement, and see just how sinister the Combine can be.

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Now this is a mod i can get into!

It actually feels like i'm playing a Half Life 2 level, no glitches, the map is easy to navigate and no cutting corners in terms of design.

I can't wait to see the finish product



Good mod!


Great beginning.. way too short

It is very good in design but it is very very short but still deserves praise


Bad =\
Short and realy bad =(

Nice map, simple but fun. Wayyyy too short...

Was very dissapointed when it ended so quickly.

More please!

maping was good i would love to see part 2


Wonderful layout and mapping design,
the enemies are placed very well, the areas are entertaining and are lighted beautiful, the transition from different areas happens fast, but very stylish and agreeable.
If it wouldn’t just be that short…


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