You are Gordon Freeman, or, as only a few people know, Roland Blackheart, a SAS officer with legendary skills. You were working for a foreign government, after you had been sacked from your original posting for disobeying orders. Your first job was going to the Black Mesa complex undercover as a research scientist. Your mission is to airdrop into the nearby area by Chiang research ltd. and infiltrate one of their secure supply passages. You will be accompanied by Mc Hamish here, and also one of our technical experts, to break into their security systems.

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Weperlol says

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This mod is not bad at all, the level design is good enough, the story is ok, however the ammo and enemy placement wasn't good and it should've atleast had a puzzle or two. and there is an unnecessarily long cutscene but the mod is ok over all.


Aublak says

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This is the first mod I ever played, so I may be a bit bias. Simply playing new levels was the coolest thing ever at the time.

I have replayed it recently and I have to say it is fairly mediocre. However the levels don't look that bad and it changes nicely from combat, horror, and puzzles. The puzzles are pretty simple. It has a vague and simple story. It isn't bad, but it isn't that memorable either. It isn't very long either, but you typically won't finish it in one sitting.


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