Outpost 16 is a single-player level for HL2:EP2 that has a cinematic, moody tone with custom voice acting, models, scripted sequences and music.

[MC]Pimpão says

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This was amazing, one of the most exciting experiences i had since i finished the HL2 series. You guys rocked, decent employment of characters; creative script play; fair distribution of equipments and supplies according to the moment; amazing voice acting; energetic soundtrack and astonishing environments, storyline was simple but convincent enough to justify the events, the experience of watching the resistance struggling against the combine onrush on that devastated battlefield was nothing but epic, the classic feeling of advancing on the sly and then assisting your troops by pwning all enemies by the back with a surprise long range attack was like "EPIC WIN", small puzzles on the pathway were cool as well and nothing beats that mad fight at the end. My only complaint is the ilogical placement of the rocket launcher, it would be better if a resistance member carryng the bazooka entered the room when the gunship showed up and delivered it to you.

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