Outpost 16 is a single-player level for HL2:EP2 that has a cinematic, moody tone with custom voice acting, models, scripted sequences and music.

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I came into this thinking I would be playing alongside Gordon Freeman. Needless to say you don't, and this wasn't the extent of my complaints. The mod is really short, which I wouldn't mind, if the near entirety wasn't built by running on an extremely narrow ledge that I fell off many times, and puzzles that the mod gives you no direction on what to do. Add the fact that each is time relevant and that if you don't start to do something within 5 seconds you will lose. The final battle and setting did do a bit to redeem this qualities, and the fact that I felt that this could have been from an official Half-Life continuation did help a little, but just a little. Overall this is a completely avoidable mod.

*Also there is dialogue that is pretty decently written, but the audio is so poor that the voices are hard to understand, and barely any of the models actually show that they are talking.

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