A singleplayer horror experience for UT2004! Make your way through a decimated town overrun by blood-thirsty zombies! Powerful firearms and brutal melee weapons are at your disposal as you cut and cleave through over 20 grimy and blood-soaked maps!

flippedoutkyrii says

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A mod I bought UT2004 just to play.

And I have to say, it was worth the purchase.

The atmosphere just oozes a sense of dread and foreboding that doesn't once lighten up until the very end. This is helped by a grimy asthetic, engrossing sound effects and some of the most depressing and anxiety inducing musical score I have heard in a game.

For an old game, the graphics look splendid and at times I stood in awe at the beauty of a once living world now falling part under a storm of autumn leaves and decay.

The combat is also nerve-racking, even with a full arsenal of shotguns with their own ammo pools, an SMG, grenades a sizable handgun, I felt nearly defenseless against the tide of undead and demons that lurked behind every corner.

That being said, finding ammo can be hard and unfair at times, especially when some crates yield no ammo at times when you are in desperate need of a refill. The level geometry can also snag around your ankles and traversing some of the more prop-heavy levels can be annoying to traverse at times.

One of my greatest complaints, however, is the instability of it all. Even on my beefy system it can chug heavily and at times, level changes will crash! I could never get past the first level without bypassing it with a level skip code (to the next level of course) and the lack of any real manual saving is infuriating on the harder levels.

All and all, Out of Hell was a great surprise and a pleasant way to get in the Halloween spirit, there are just a few large kinks that keep it shy from perfection and it is a blast if you can navigate the bugs and crashing with a calm head.

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Dec 27 2010 by ZentraX