A gameplay mod for zdoom inspired by doom3, the doom movie and quake 2.

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johnmullin89 says

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great little mod!
had a blast with the slayer weapon skins!
great alternative to brutal doom which is a little heavy on features for my taste.
was fun.


Craneo says

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OSJC is a very underrated modder imho, Major Crisis is a very cool wad, kinda like their old OldSkool's wad, but more streamlined and easier to load I think, it's generally a pretty good mod I think, one complaint I have is the lack of GLLights, but that's by design as it was mean to be played with ZDoom, which had no OpenGL features, other than that it's pretty good


Velaron says

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Great gameplay mod with fantastic spritework.


Nipless says

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absolutely neat concept love the gore too and the riot shotgun is just sooo good to use man It's devastating!


erians says

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l0oks pretty c0oool if iii ask me myself and& iii ... ; . *


teztez says


Azatoth027 says

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