A gameplay mod for zdoom inspired by doom3, the doom movie and quake 2.

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I suddenly realized this manual ended up on the file description instead of as a separate documentation here! so here it is now... better late than never

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DISCLAIMER this mod was designed to work in zdoom 2.8.1 . such as the dynamic lighting flares on the torches and lamps do not function properly in gzdoom.

installation instructions:

unzip all .wad's and .pk3's into your DooM directory

then right click your zdoom shotcut adn click properties.
click on the 'target' box and paste the following at the end of where it says zdoom.exe:

-file majorcrisis_z.pk3

then you need to add one of these to select a set of skies depending on your iwad of choice:
-file tud_sky.pk3 - for the ultimate doom
-file d2_sky.pk3 - for doom2
-file tnt_sky.pk3 - for tnt evilution
-file plut_sky.pk3 - for the plutonia experiment

and also an optional pack for added monster mutator/randomizer. this will add the trites and scientist variants:
-file mc_monstas.pk3

some low-end machines may struggle to render the full gore effects of major crisis. in the event of lag please add the file: lag_fix.pk3 to the end of the load order. this removes the gore 'mist' effect from monster deaths that can oftimes cause lag...

using major crisis with other wads:
Major crisis is not just for standard Iwads. It can essentially be used with any vanilla mapset!
however some of these wads use custom palletes etc. that leave major crisis in need of a fix to look as good as it can with such wads.
I have collected various wads over the years and although many will simply work with any of the sky packs above I have made a few addons for specific custom wads that are particular favourites of mine and as such are also very good matches for major crisis gameplay and visual style:

darken2.wad users should use this file for a better sky and liquids:
darken2_fix.pk3 - for darkening 2

hedrox2.wad users should likewise use this file for a better sky and liquids:
HR2_fix.pk3 - for hedrox 2

btsx_e1.wad (or btsx_e2.wad for that matter) users will benefit from the following file to fix colour pallette issues:
- file btsx_fix.pk3 - for Back to saturn X episode 1

finally I use this for any other wads. it does what it says, quite simply adds the interactive liquids
-file just_liquids.pk3 - for other mods



Portable Medikits: 25%
larger than the stimpacks; medkits include bandages, antitoxins and other medical supplies all in a convenient portable package!
You can carry four of these in your inventory, allowing you heal yourself on the fly, however they can only be used up when your health is less than 100%

'Berserk' Pack: 100%
Similar to portable Medikits, but four times as effective.
Plus the combination of steroids cut with pure epinephrine contained within acts as a super-adrenaline rush, enormously boosting your muscle power...
You can now carry one of these in your inventory but it can be used at anytime.

'Regeneration' Pack: 5% +
Very similar to a stimpack, but portable.
When taken, the meds within not only give you an instant hit but continue to boost your, health back up to 100% whenever you are injured.
You can carry two of these in your inventory and it can be used at anytime, however the effects are temporary so try to use regen judiciously...

Ultimate Medikit: 100%
Whether you are injured or not, these massive medi-kits are the ultimate in first-aid healing.
Four times as effective as a regular medikit, these 'mega' health-packs will instantly heal you with a 100% boost to whatever health you may or may not already have! (not exceeding 200%)

From the Med-Labs that brought you 'Berserk' comes 'Haste'.
These unassuming little brown bottles may not seem very impressive at first glace but the power of the pills within make them a real sought after item.
An experimental performance-enhancer drug; Haste temporarily boosts your movement speed, allowing you to literally run rings around your enemies.
it also increases your reload and melee attack speed...
You can carry two pots of haste in your inventory and they can be taken at anytime.

Light Amplification Visors
These infrared visors temporarily allow you to see clearly, even in pitch dark.
You can now carry two of these in your inventory and they can be activated at anytime.

Although not as effective as the LAV's, a flashlight is still great at lighting your path through darker areas.
Also, the back end of a flashlight is rather solid and as such makes a great club at close range!
you start with one in your inventory, its there for good and can be used at any time.

ST Grenades
A Simple charge of Composition B explosive wrapped in serrated wire and housed in a steel tube.
Simply prime it, sling it at your enemy, then watch the fireworks!
just keep your eye on where you bounce them...

A handy find, these upload your Automap with complete set of schematic files of the area you are currently in, including secret or hidden areas.
the areas you have not yet visited are mapped in grey.
You can only carry one of these in your inventory but it can be used at anytime.


A pair of gloves and a bad attitude may sound like your last line of defence but your UAC 'berserk' packs are sure to give you the edge in close combat scenarios.
Secondary fire comes in the form of a quick kick that You can also deliver whilst holding other weapons.
this is most useful for hitting buttons, busting things up or generally getting the demon bastards out of your face...

Just what the hell a chainsaw is doing in a scientific research facility is one of those little mysteries of life, but mystery aside the potential of a fully juiced up chainsaw is a welcome change to relying solely on your fists as a melee weapon.
The blade grabs on to your opponents and then pulls them into the deadly diamond-edged teeth...

UAC semi-automatic Pistol mkII
In the development from the mkI to the mkII pistol, little has changed other than aesthetics.
The pistol's high accuracy, rate of fire and ease of maintenance are factors equally shared with the mkII variant.
It does, however, also share the mkI's utter lack of stopping power.
its alternate fire comes in the form of a three-round burst that is good at slowing down the enemy and depleting your ammunition supply quickly!
burst fire may be less accurate, but it improves your stopping power to quite some extent.
finding a second pistol allows for dual wielding, essentially doubling your firepower...

UAC 12 gauge breach-loading Combat Shotgun
Standard issue; dual buck-shot load of death encased in twin cobalt-blue-steel barrels, ultimate close range killer but almost useless at long range.
Just watch that recoil, she kicks like a mule!

UAC belt-fed heavy assault-cannon 'Chaingun' mkII
The mkII Chaingun is the UAC's natural evolution over original chaingun design.
Whilst the function is near identical, the gearing has been greatly tweaked allowing for almost twice the rotation speed and in-turn twice the rate of fire.
This makes the mkII chaingun THE hot weapon-of-choice against hordes of human sized targets, as the power to rate-of-fire ratio is hard to match.
However, all good things come at a cost and in the case of the mkII chaingun the cost is accuracy and, predictably, ammunition consumption.
In point of fact the mkII chaingun utterly defines the phrase 'spray-and-pray' and, as such, is best used at close to medium range only...
Also the spinning barrels do take a second to get up to speed before firing, but the spin greatly absorbs the enormous recoil of the cannon, minimising it to quite a degree less than it would be otherwise.

UAC SubMachinegun mkII
When designing the SMG, the UAC endeavoured to create a lightweight and durable Machinegun, to serve as an alternative light-support option to the shotgun in close-quarter-battle scenarios.
Unlike the mkII chaingun, the machinegun has no fire-delay and it's compact frame is also incredibly lighter, allowing instant fire control and greater accuracy over longer ranges per shot.
However, on full auto, the forces involved on such a light weight frame cause some heavy kick-up that is quite hard to contain.
With this in mind the smg is best used singleshot over range, saving full auto for up close and personal.
The accuracy over range can be vastly improved by utilizing the sight mounted on the top weaver rail.

UAC 12 gauge Riot controller
With the success of the SMG design under their belt, the UAC began to look into further development of said weapon, namely upping the calibre to 12 gauge smoothbore and fitting it with a motorized drum magazine to feed said ammunition.
The intention was to create an urban-pacification weapon, capable of loading varying classes of non-lethal 12 gauge ammunition. However, military personel discovered that the riot-gun is just as capable of chambering 00 buckshot, making it an ideal candidate for a heavy-support role in thick close-combat scenarios.
Its relatively short barrel makes for an impressive spread that makes it most usefull in a crowd.
But, as with the machinegun, the force of the shotgun shells in the lightweight steel and plastic frame cause some very heavy recoil on full auto and holding the trigger down too long on auto can cause an overheat to occur.
this can be counteracted by using the alternative fire that comes in the form of a pump reload mechnanism. the pump makes the riotgun much more stable...
As you can imagine, the stopping power of this weapon is simply obscene, it is more than capable of clearing a path through even the thickest of crowds in either firing mode. However, the ammunition consumption can easily catch you out, leaving you high and dry, but there's no kill like overkill, eh?
Just take it easy on the trigger and watch that shell count..

UAC Rocket Launcher mkII
As with the mkII pistol the mkII rocket launcher's changes are almost purely aesthetic.
Improved flash suppressors and a slightly more ergonomic frame, make it little more than the standard issue, then again "If it 'aint broke don't fix it."
however, the mkII also incorporates a laser tracking system that can be engaged, allowing you to direct your fire at specific targets via the on-board computer that links directly into your helmet hud system.
The rockets may pack a little less punch but they certainly move a lot faster...

UAC Grenade Launcher mkI
If you like the idea of hurling grenades faster and further than you can by hand then this is the weapon of choice for you!
perfect for open windows or flushing out elevated positions the grenade launcher sports a tactical advatage over most other weapons, as it is more than capable of delivering your explosive payload around obstacles and corners, keeping you well out of harms way.
grenades have a mass-reactive warhead meaning they will always explode on contact with the enemy, however you can program the grenades to either bounce or explode on contact with objects in the enviroment. your hud will show which setting is active.
Be aware of it's heavy recoil and also, that is is not a good idea to be in proximity of your grenade is when it decides to go off...

UAC Phased Plasma Rifle
Standard issue; deploy streams of white hot plasma at an insane rate of fire with minimal kick-back due to built in recoil-suppressors.
pros; it's a fire-hose of plasmatic death
cons; eats cells up like they were going out of fashion...

UAC BFG 3.14 "olduvai pattern"
You know the score; pull the trigger and then go find a mop!
Don't forget, this is one big plasma gun so you'll need to hold on tight! Even with the recoil-dampeners the ol' 3.14 still kicks some.

You'll see... :wink:


Former UAC personnel:
in life these men and women were the scientists and workers contributing to the daily running of the UAC facilities.
Now they are brain-dead monstrous freaks who's only contribution to existence is to give you a hard time and a serious headache with fire-axes, crowbars, wrenches etc...
As they lack any ranged firepower, these zombies may appear little more than target practice; They do go down easy but tend to rush you and in large enough groups could even begin to overwhelm you...

A rapid multi-legged abomination, that pounces at your face.
these filth take a lot more than a rolled-up playboy to splatter and tend to swarm you in groups...

The foot-soldiers of the demonic hoards, these brown bastards are fireball-slinging bad news however they come.
However, after extensive dissections of dead imps brought back for study by the marines, the UAC bio-scientists have discovered there are actually several varying genus and species variations aside the usual soldier-imps;

Lesser Imp:
don't let the name fool you, what the lesser-imp lacks in physical stature it more than makes up for with speed and agility.

Alpha Imp:
proof that the older an imp gets, the bigger and tougher he gets, and the bigger and tougher he gets the longer he lives, or something. they don't go down that easy...

Tips and Hints

- turn off autoaim or grenades will not function properly.

- use altattack to change weapon modes or kick. the kick is smart. on weapons that have alternate modes, pressing altattack will instead engage the kick if an enemy (or barrel) is close enough...

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