A gameplay mod for zdoom/gzdoom. Consider it a love-letter to all fps's of the late nineties and early two thousand's, All viewed through the lens of classic DooM's gameplay...

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Portable Medikits: 25%
You can carry four of these in your inventory, allowing you heal yourself on the fly.

'Berserk' Pack: 100%
Heal up, then go rip and tear...
You can carry two in your inventory.

'Regeneration' Pack: 5% +
Not only gives you an instant hit but continues to boost your health back up to 100%.
You can carry two in your inventory.

'Adrenaline': 100% +1%
A shot of 'Adrenaline' not only heals any damage already taken, but also adds 1% to your health total.

Ultimate Medikit: 100%
Four times as effective as a regular medikit, these 'mega' health-packs will instantly heal you with a 100% boost.

Health Bonus +1%
Will Boost Your health, even beyond 200%

Temporarily boosts your movement speed, allowing you to literally run rings around your enemies.
it also increases your reload and melee attack speed...
You can carry two in your inventory

Armor vests +100%, +200%
Green gives 100% and provides one third protection, Blue 200% and gives a half.

Armor Bonus +1%
Found as Helmets or shards, that will boost your armor percentage, even beyond 200%

Light Amplification Visors
Allow you to see clearly, even in pitch dark.
You can carry two in your inventory.

Radiation Suits
Provide temporary protection from the varieties of toxic-ooze...
You can carry two in your inventory.

stand back and enjoy the fireworks!
You can carry 25 in your inventory.

These upload your automap with complete map of the level you are currently in, including secret or hidden areas.

Signal Flares
Mark your way around the more labarinthian areas.
Come in boxes of five.
You can carry 25 in your inventory.

Hint Disk
The hint-disk is a rare, collectable item.
A floppydisk, containing all kinds of hints, tips and fun-facts about major crisis.

Deliver a flurry of jabs or dish out a slower but more powerful haymaker that can easily throw lesser enemies across a room!

Quick melee
When using other weapons, its also possible to deliver a quick punch or kick thats ideal for busting things up or generally getting the demon bastards out of your face...

Just what the hell a chainsaw is doing in a scientific research facility is one of those little mysteries of life.
Plow your way through the hoards or feel free to swing it about a bit and take some heads!

UAC semi-automatic Pistol
high accuracy, good rate of fire and an utter lack of stopping power.
unless you're plinking at switches, go find something better..

UAC Machinegun
More firepower than the pistol, the trade-off being some heavy recoil that is quite hard to contain, so it's best used in short bursts over range, saving full auto for up close and personal.
The optic sight allows you to deal with distant pests...

UAC 12 gauge pump- action shotgun
Standard issue; point at bad-guy, pull the trigger then pump in a fresh one.
A quick swipe with the back end is rather good at smashing faces in at close range.

UAC 12 gauge breach-loading Combat Shotgun
Ultimate close range killer but almost useless at long range.
Select either single or double barrel firing modes.

UAC belt-fed heavy assault-cannon 'Chaingun'
The spinning barrels do take a second to get up to speed before firing, the show is well worth it!
hose the place down or stun-lock enemies with sustained fire, decisions, decisions...

UAC Rocket Launcher mkII
The mkII features a laser tracking system that allows you to direct your fire at specific targets...

UAC Breach-loading grenade launcher
Just the thing for hurling grenades faster and further than you can by hand.
Grenades can be set to bounce or explode on contact with objects.

UAC Phased Plasma Rifle
pros; it's a fire-hose of plasmatic death
cons; eats cells up like they were going out of fashion...

You know the score; pull the trigger and then go find a mop!

You'll see...

Standard-Issue FMJ
For the Pistol, Machinegun and the Chaingun.
Found in Mags of 10, Boxes of 50 and belts of 20.

For the Shotgun and the Combat shotgun.
Come singly or in boxes of 20.

For the Rocket Launcher and the Grenade Launcher.
Come singly or in boxes of five.

Argent Energy Cells
For the Plasmarifle and BFG.
A single cell gives 20 charges, a battery 100.

These zombies may appear little more than target practice, but tend to rush you and in large enough groups could even begin to overwhelm you...

A rapid multi-legged abomination, that pounces at your face.
these filth take a lot more than a rolled-up playboy to splatter and tend to swarm you in groups...

Loyal guard dogs of the hell-scape's inner sanctum, these quadrepedal cousins to the pinkies, can both dish out punishment and take it.
Initially, their bulk may make them seem a little slow, but they'll get faster and deadlier, the more you piss them off.
A gnawing from their savage maws is a nasty way to go...

As if the regular Imps weren't bad enough, Nightprowlers are tougher, faster and damnably tricky to see in the dark...
These accursed mutations of the species are true nightmare imps...

Is the first official expansion pack for major crisis!
within are more weapons of mass destruction to pound down on the hoards of hell in new and imaginative ways.

whats in it?

UAC 'magnum' service-revolver
Whatever it lacks in speed, the magnum more than makes up for with stopping power...

A fully automatic machine-pistol designed for close quarter battle.
Although accuracy over range may be less than ideal, rate of fire is where the PDW shines.

UAC 12 gauge Riot controller
The riotgun is a mag-loaded automatic shotgun, making it most usefull in a crowd.
Hold on tight, she kicks like a mule!

UAC Nailgun
The armour piercing darts it fires (commonly referred to as nails) are capable of joining steel plate to bulkheads.
however they are just as capable of nailing several badguys at a time before hitting walls...

UAC Auto-Loader Grenade-Launcher
sick of hand loading the grenades like a schlub?
This upgraded design makes breach-loading a thing of the past...

For the Magnum
Found exclusively in backpacks.

For the Nailgun.
Found in mags of 25 and boxes of 50.

somewhere between the soulsphere and the megasphere, these simply max out your health to 200%

A fighting start...
extreme prejudice is generous.
starting a game will not only give you your pistol, 50 rounds and a grenade, but now, a PDW too.
Because, what kind of marine would ever be caught dead without his weapon to hand anyway, right?

although extreme prejudice was actually designed with deathmatch games in mind, it can also be used in singleplayer campaigns to simply add more weapons to the roster, just because variety is nice.

why not simply just add these new weapons to the main pack?
well quite simply, balance, so as not to ruin gameplay balance that I've worked so hard to get when I first started major crisis. this way, it should please all. if you don't mind it a bit op then by all means use the new weapons in singleplayer. If your stickler for more balanced gameplay then simply dont use it!

story so far...

story so far...


Who is the Major in Major Crisis? find out here...

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OSJC's MajorCrisis - Slayer's Legacy Edition

OSJC's MajorCrisis - Slayer's Legacy Edition

Full Version 17 comments

The latest version of Major Crisis is here! This version, dubbed Slayer's Legacy edition, features new sprites new code and new sounds! get it now!

OSJC's 'IDKFA' skin pack for OSJC's DooM - Major Crisis

OSJC's 'IDKFA' skin pack for OSJC's DooM - Major Crisis

Patch 1 comment

This is a skin pack for Major crisis. Inside you will find the complete selection of skins available for use with major crisis.

OSJC's  Major Crisis compatipility patch for KDIZD lite

OSJC's Major Crisis compatipility patch for KDIZD lite

Patch 3 comments

this is essentially a patch to allow major crisis to work with kdizd lite v2. (by xv117) be sure you read the description below to get this to work.

OSJC's Doom3 Imp skin for OSJC's DooM - Major Crisis

OSJC's Doom3 Imp skin for OSJC's DooM - Major Crisis

Patch 2 comments

This is 'skin' for Major crisis that changes the look of the imps for something akin to doom3's aesthetics.

OSJC's "DooM32" cacodemon skin for OSJC's Doom - Major crisis

OSJC's "DooM32" cacodemon skin for OSJC's Doom - Major crisis


This is 'skin' for Major crisis that changes the look of the cacodemons for something akin to doom64's aesthetics.

Icon of sin 3D!

Icon of sin 3D!

Patch 5 comments

a new 'skin'/model/map for doom2... blast away at the boss with more detail than ever before!

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This mod is making my eyes wet! THANKS MAN!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
osjclatchford Creator

Latest version hits this D-Day, June 6th, 2022, 00:00hrs.

OSJC's Major Crisis - Slayer's Legacy Edition.

Also, once you're back up and running with MC, go check out the latest official DLC for Major Crisis;

OSJC's 'IDKFA' skin pack.

its the complete works of all the skin add-ons available for Major Crisis all in one handy dl.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Cant wait

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Cool mod this is a really better alternative to brutal doom thank you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
osjclatchford Creator

why thank you! glad you enjoy!

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This is bloody good. It goes perfect with any WADs I play! Fantastic work you have right here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Neat mod when playing it for a bit, though I was expecting a funny part where one of his weapons is a broom or a mop being a janitor at this point.
Though if their is one thing I question, why do the portable medikits counted in items?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
osjclatchford Creator

We considered a broom but felt it was too silly in the end...

As for the medkits. You pick them up for your inventory. Then use them from there when injured. Much Like heretic's quartz flask...

Reply Good karma+2 votes

The Legendary mod since 2017! Love your mod, mate! Especially gore in this mod is very-very superb!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
osjclatchford Creator

Wow! That's quite the complement! Thanks man!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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