You play as Gregory, A small time private investigator, who receives an anonymous lead regarding recent disappearances in the woods surrounding Gramsville, a small village. You follow up and head to the marked area on the map leading to the Complex where the Order of the Skull are supposedly operating, where indeed, a large building lay hidden within the trees. Entering this building puts your life at stake when the Order begins searching for the interloper, you...

Order of the Skull--Teaser Gameplay: Chapter 1(NO STORY SPOILERS)

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I'm sorry if the lag in game is getting to you, my computer isn't the best for recording games, This is just a bit of teaser gameplay for you to see, NO STORY SPOILERS included. The levels shown in the video are 01Player_Mansion and 01Complex_Outside, The first 2 levels you will see in the custom story.