o.r.b was a real time strategy game release in 2001 by strategy first they did not finish it and did not do any follow ups. the community was quite large and hopefully some of the players will like this. some detail on the races below The MALUS one of the two remaining humanoid races very warlike and believe in re finding the aldar to bring about their greatness once again to this galaxy divided into many tribes that constantly fight\ the Allysians more peaceful up until recently when they discovered the malus after a satellite probe went down on the malus home planet. the despise the use of aldar ships religious fanatics to the core the believe the aldar will return when the galaxy needs them most. the aldar ancient race that created the malus and allysians the whole race gets wiped out by the elathian the never explain why in the game. the elathian there ships look like the ones found in the last stand mod their ships are bio though

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right i just recently moved and it has been very hard restarting on this project with school and after 3 months of not being able to use the internet.

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during the three months i kind-of moved on to other things and am trying to get started back up and it has been very hard to do. the patches that have came out during those three months have put me very far behind and i have just caught up again and am currently working on the research tree. and i have been messing around with a texture generator to try and get a texture for my ships so i can get in game screenshots.

if you can help by getting into the .res file of the ORB texture folders i would like a copy of the textures in there it would be very helpful anyhelp would be nice.

if you have any ideas that you would like to see i would like to hear them also :)

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