Orange Sun enhances Tiberian Sun & Firestorm greatly including campaign and increases the gameplay possibilities while remaining the original feel of the game. Basically a rebalancing together with new content and lots of spleen. Now features the Campaign+ modifications.

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OAl brings the gameplay design philosophy driving Orange Sun to Red Alert 2 YR. As such the mod modifies the gameplay mechanics, while leaving the graphics and sound vanilla, hence why its called light. There are no new units nor buildings, however all the nation specific bonus units have become available for all nations of each faction. Yuri should be balanced now.

OrangeAlert light 2
OrangeNero Author

Don't forget to use this when you reinstall RA2 for massive performance improvement on newer PCs

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OrangeNero Author

To clear any possible confusion, this is not Wargame Orange Alert, that mod is still coming. This is "just" Orange Alert light. if there is a public demand for it then I may bring out an addon that adds new assets to it. This is based on the first RA2 mod I made and its fun. Should work with the campaign too.

This does not apply to the base game, only to Yuri's Revenge due to how Westwood made the games work.

Happy Moty everybody

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Yuri is really not as overpowered as everyone makes them out to be. They are very weak early game and have an easily harassable economy. Their most important units, the Magnetron and the Clone, are not available until Radar where Allieds and Soviets don't even need a Radar half the time until way later. This also leaves their tech easily harassable. Yuri starts to snowball once they start getting Mastermids and Floating Disks, but even these can be easily countered very heavily with just simple mass infantry. That really only leaves them with one other option that they *have* to get, and that is Viruses. But Desolators and Snipers out-range Viruses, and Rocketeers are very good against Yuri due to lack of mobile AA that isn't the Gattling Tank which large groups of Rocketeers can easily fight. And as an Allied, you have multiple reasons to build Rocketeers anyway so you're probably going to make them. So they could just build tons of Gattling Tanks, right? Well, no, because that's holding up their Factory time and you still have a free Factory to produce Rhinos or Grizzlies out of. So now they are in a position where they have to pump something out of the Barracks to keep up in production, such as Initiates or Clones, but then they are also already needing to build and maintain a handful of Viruses too while an Allied or Soviet just doesn't need that diverse of a composition so they can produce more of what they need faster.

The big problem that makes Yuri feel like ******** is that literally everything is designed to turn your own army against you, but that's practically all Yuri has and it is all fairly expensive and has a wide range of counters with just the standard units alone, not counting Country-Specific units.

As for Tech buildings, I actually really like what I've done in my own mod and that is Tech Buildings are destroyable but using ARES' rubble system to make them be destroyed into a rubble building that is invincible that can be repaired and then recaptured. I think that leaves options for harassment much more open while not making them completely and totally worthless like how MO does it (Minus defense buildings) by making them unable to be built next to but not too overpowered such as making the building entirely invincible.

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OrangeNero Author

I tend towards agreeing with you on most if not all of these points.
I was never happy with the infantry that Yuri has and from your text I take that an useful infantry unit could solve this issue.

Yeah the Ares rubble mechanic is indeed the best solution for it.

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I think Yuri is pretty okay. They could do with being a bit stronger early game, having some aggressive and harassment options, and a bit weaker late-game, because Floating Disks and Masterminds are extremely frustrating, but other than that they aren't so bad.

On one hand, it is just different strengths and weaknesses and playstyles on their part. On the other hand, it is a legitimate design flaw that they can't really be aggressive early-game because they are otherwise designed as a pretty aggressive side but without a strong early-game their late-game options become significantly less strong.

Yuri has hands-down the best tech in the game, period. It isn't really viable for them to take advantage of that without having a strong early-game, though, because they can't snowball or get eco rolling or harass their opponents or take winnable engagements until they get Radar tech rolling and that leaves them with a pretty decent amount of down-time for before they can get that. At the same time, if they were able to take advantage of that they would become extremely overpowered. This is probably where the notion that Yuri being OP came from in the first place, people simply not knowing how to play against Yuri would let them snowball and then they'd lose and after enough losses they decided that they are too strong or that because they have to play totally differently against Yuri, they can't *just* build Tanks and win from micro, they think that is overpowered as well. So how can these issues be solved? I think making Floating Disks and Masterminds a bit more expensive and tech-heavy, such as requiring another tech after Battle Lab (Could just make it require the Cloning Vat I guess, most Yuri players hardly ever actually use it anyway) but this should be played with to see where the actual balance should lie, and then giving them a couple early-game units, one being an infantry that is AA and fast and good damage against harvesters at a decent range but bad at fighting everything else including other infantry and the other being out of the Factory that can tank for Lasher Tanks (lol) but dishes out sub-par damage, would help really level out Yuri's current arsenal. The only other thing is maybe making Magnetrons a bit weaker by perhaps giving them less health and range.

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OrangeNero Author

Whats your opinion on the chaos drone?

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OrangeNero Author

The version has been updated to 2! From the provided readme:

OAl2 changes:

GGI elite weapon fixed

Yuri Chaos Drone is now a 500$ tesla tank with AA capability.

Allied Spysat paratrooper power removed. Now provides 800 power and gives access to chrono ivan and chrono seal.

Seal has 3 round burst weapon now.

Robotank gets railgun.

Harrier and Black Eagle are now more distinctive.

Movie Stars are now stolen tech.

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