Operation: Firestorm is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. This mod currently features 8 unique playable Generals each with a huge arsenal of new units, buildings and special powers ar their disposal. While the core gamplay stays the same, a number of interesting new gameplay mechanics are added. In addition the overall visual quality is greaty improved, including new models, textures, FX and an improved User-Interface, available in full-HD resolution.

Armalite-Wojak says

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Adds a ton of new content, high quality units, many rambunctious promotions that cater to differing styles of play, and excellent particle effects.

A 9 due to the slight dips in unit and building quality here and there, something future releases will make good on I'm sure.

This is a must have mod along with the big three; Shockwave, Contra, and Rise of the Reds.

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It has that Shockwave / Contra feel to it. Its well balance and has tons of new things to play around with.

May 14 2014 by xonone