Pseudo-realism Mod that adds new units, weapons, and abilities to Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

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The Vichy French will join the fray in v0.04.4! Read on for more info on the Vichy French and their Free French countrymen, fighting for the British.

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-Added a new ammunition type: 7.5x54mm French (15 damage)
-Added a new ammuntion type: 8mm Lebel (14 damage)
-Added a new ammunition type: 7.65x20mm Longue (3.5 damage)
-Added the MAS 36 bolt-action rifle (already mentioned). The MAS 36 is based off of the Lee-Enfield and uses it's aestetic; the MAS 36 is slightly less accurate with a slower fire rate, but packs a more powerful punch with its 7.5x54mm French ammunion.
-Added the MAS 38 SMG (already mentioned). Based off of the MP40. Uses the Thompson aestetic. The MAS 38 is inferior to other SMGs but makes up for this by being more previlant on the squads that it equips (4-6 units vs. ~3 for other squads). The MAS 38 holds slightly higher accuracy then other SMGs to account for it's weak-hitting round.
-Added the FM 24/29 LMG. The FM 24/29 is based off of the Bren LMG and trades accuracy, fire rate, and magazine capacity for raw power with it's damage dealing 7.5x54mm French cartridge.
-Added a new Vichy French Rifleman entity (ebps/races/panzer_elite/soldiers/vichy_french_rifleman1 and 2).
-Added a new Vichy French LMG gunner entity (ebps/races/panzer_elite/soldiers/vichy_french_fm_lmg_gunner).
-Added a new Vichy French weapons crew entity (ebps/races/panzer_elite/soldiers/vichy_french_team_weapon_soldier).
-Added a new Char B1 tank entity (ebps/races/panzer_elite/vehicles/vichy_french_char_b1). Based off of the Churchill crocodile; armed with a sponsoon mounted 75mm cannon (p4 IST cannon w. Puma penetration tables and target tables and a turret mounted 47mm cannon (puma 50mm). Has Panther (unskirted) armor. 3.25 speed.
-Added a new Vichy French Fusilier squad. 5 men, 285 Manpower. Will require the Foreign Support unlock from the Kampfgruppe Kompanie as well as the Tank Hunters Strategy Doctrine choice to be selected in order to be built. French Fusilieres cost more the their Italian counterparts and take longer to field, but are better in direct confrontation with the enemy. They are easily suppressed, however.
-Added a new Vichy French Char B1 squad. 410 Manpower, located at the Panzer Support Kommand. Requires the Foreign Support upgrade to be purchased and the Hetzer command tree unlock to be chosen from the Tank Hunters Strategy Doctrine choice to be chosen in order to be built.

The Free French are in the works and will likely also be released with the v0.04.4 patch (time permitting). With a week left until school winds up again, this might not happen--expect v0.04.5 to contain the Free French in that case.

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