Pseudo-realism Mod that adds new units, weapons, and abilities to Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

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Showcasing the upcoming v0.04.4 patch and the many bugs it's fixing--thank god for Cheatmod, without it I could never breeze through each and every unit and ability in a single sitting to check for bugs--dont worry, the released version will lack any files having to do with Cheatmod. This would prohibit online play, after all.

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-Added a new weapon: weapon/axis/single_fire/rifle/m1903_springfield_rifle_national_reservist (similar to the volkssturm Kar98k).
-Renamed Inexperienced Riflemen to National Guards Reservists.
-Changed the XP requirements for Elite Grenadiers' veterancy to 10/24/34 from 1000/2000/3000 (the previous values were an oversight from vCoH levels that has somehow slipped through my bughunting for the last 4 months! Sneaky bugger...
-Properly linked some AP-round abilities to the .50cal.
-Tweaked some balance issues regarding the PE IHT.
-Mkb 42 damage increased to 9.5 from 7.25.
-MP44 damage reduced to 9.5 from 9.75.
-MP44 entry removed from the Stormtrooper's data art file. This was causing the MP28 (Sten) to appear without a barrel and no sound, as well as other graphical errors.
-Stormtrooper Squad squad size increased to 5 from 4.
-Storm squad cost untouched.
-Reduced the cooldown time of Unholster Sidearm! to 30s from 60s.
-Reduced the cost of Unholster Sidearm! to 0 Munitions from 10 Munitions.
-Fire Panzerfaust ability correctly linked to the Stormtrooper squad.
-Added a sturmpionier ebps entity to the mod's files*.
-Added the Sturmpionieren Trupp to the mod's files*.
-Added a PaK 36 weapon to the mod's files*.

-Riflemen now require a new upgrade to be built: Reinforcement Requisition (260 Manpower, 5 Munitions, 10 Fuel, available on the Platoon Leader squad).

*Will not be implimented into gameplay in this patch.

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