Only War 2 is the follow-up of the CnC Generals: Zero Hour Total Conversion Only War. The Total Conversion will put a much larger focus on base building and adequate defense, while at the same time offer a large selection of offensive units to punch hole in the enemy base defenses. Only War 2 will also feature unique resource systems for each faction. The two first factions will be: the ruinous power Chaos, and of course the Hammer of the Emperor the Imperial Guard.


The alpha 0.1 features: 1 1v1 Map (A bridge too short) 1 Faction (Imperial Guard) 4 Units (Imperial Guardsmen, Chimeras, Hellhounds and Basilisks) 4 Buildings (Departmento Munitorum, Shrine of the Ecclesiarchy, Armamentorum, Manufactorum) NO AI (So grab a buddy if you want to try it out) Report any and all bugs you encounter at our website!

Only War 2 Alpha 0.1
DeKarbon - - 233 comments

Uh, you may wanna change the 'Boomerang Python' to 'User Name.'

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Boomerang_Python Author
Boomerang_Python - - 93 comments


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Shadgath - - 27 comments

In your description for the directory you put "C:\Users\Boomerang Python\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods"
For the user name you put BoomerangPython you should put(Your username)
or something so that people know that it should be there name there.

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Boomerang_Python Author
Boomerang_Python - - 93 comments

hopefully that's obvious enough to people already.. but i'll change it all the same!

cheerio for the tip

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,132 comments


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cronos35 - - 3,391 comments

AI fix please..

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Boomerang_Python Author
Boomerang_Python - - 93 comments

It's still an alpha, mate!

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Tamagakure - - 5,106 comments


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Silent_lord - - 67 comments

where exactly do i put the files?

c/users/username/my documents - theres nothing there?

the only place in the documents side i have anything is;

c/users/username/my documents/saved games/command and conquer 3

im on win7 64

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The_Mastodon - - 4,278 comments

you need to have a Mod folder in C&C3

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Aetherial87 - - 450 comments

hi, i've installed this in the mods folder as instructed and it doesn't won't show up in the Mods tab in the C&C3 launcher, and it won't load from a modified shortcut either. is this for a pre-1.9 version or something?

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feillyne Staff
feillyne - - 5,816 comments

Nope, works fine with the 1.9 version (LOL a very late reply).

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TVC15 - - 121 comments

It looks a bit young tstl but at least the fqn DL button is present Ill try it

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Guest - - 699,841 comments

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