Onirica is a short, experimental and state of the art looking horror mod, which brings you to explore the darkest corners of hero’s mind.

projektariel says

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This mod not only excels at the question "Is this really done on Far Cry 1?!" with its original graphic effects, twisted architecture and dark-dream-like atmosphere but also simply offers a thought-provoking and sometimes scary journey for everyone enyjoying experimental and exploratory interactive experiences!

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i give technically/athmospheric 10/10 points, but have to reduce it due the personal mood taste - i like positive, colorfull living environments. but back to technical review: nice waterdrops and bumpmaps on rainy sidewalk, excellent light/shadow effects and optimal set up viewdistances with always high FPS rates. very nice fitting menu (if no video is played (which is standart colofull tropical FC menu video ^^). intresting fact that you can't jump/duck/crouch. some parts of the game are a MUST…

Aug 19 2013 by pvcf