**please stop trying to play the campaign it isn't ready yet**


"Just as there is but one lord in heaven, there ought to be but one ruler on Earth."


**NOTICE: The campaign is not yet playable!**

One Ruler On Earth is a submod for Falcom Total War 3: The Total Conquest, reworking unit rosters and general faction balance, as well as overhauling the campaign map.

The 4GB patch is very highly recommended, as it will prevent the vast majority of crashes by allowing Medieval II to access more of your computer's RAM. It will not interfere with playing the base game or any other mod in singleplayer or multiplayer modes.

Want to track progress, make suggestions, or ask questions? Join the mod's Discord server here.


01. Kingdom of France
02. Kingdom of England
03. Crown of Castile
04. Kingdom of Portugal
05. The Papal States
06. The Holy Roman Empire
07. Kingdom of Hungary
08. Kingdom of Poland
09. The Rus' Knyazates

Middle East & India:
10. The Roman Empire
11. Sultanate of Rum
12. Sultanate of Egypt
13. Shahdom of Persia (NEW)
14. Sultanate of Hindustan (NEW)
15. Kingdom of Hoysala (NEW)


16. The Maghrebi Caliphate
17. The Mali Empire
18. The Songhai Empire (NEW)
19. Kingdom of Ethiopia (NEW)

East & Southeast Asia:
20. The Chinese Empire
21. The Great Jin Empire
22. Kingdom of Korea (NEW)
23. The Japanese Shogunate
24. The Mongol Khanate
25. Kingdom of Dai Viet (NEW)
26. Kingdom of Krung Tai (NEW)
27. Rajahnate of Java (NEW)

28. The Mexica Altepemeh
29. League of Mayapan
30. Kingdom of Qusqu

For those who are curious, the cut factions were Denmark, Scotland, Zimbabwe, the Western Chalukyas, the Cholas, the Khmers, Srivijaya, Ryukyu, and the Apache.

Campaign Features:

New setting: The campaign begins in late 1204, in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade and the Fall of Constantinople, and just as the Mongols are being unified under Genghis Khan. The end date has also been pushed forward to 1648 in order to keep the timeframe roughly the same length as vanilla, as well to finish the campaign with what is traditionally seen as the beginning of the early modern period. The campaign map, factions, and starting positions will be adjusted accordingly.

New factions: Factions that were no longer existent by 1204, were in already well-populated regions, or were completely isolated from everyone else have been replaced, with the goal of filling out the world map more efficiently while also keeping everyone in relative proximity with one another.

Horde factions: The Mongols and Mexica will begin the campaign as hordes, with the initial objectives of unifying Mongolia and settling into the Valley of Mexico respectively.

Playable Papacy: The Papal States will be a fully playable (albeit very easy) faction, with a unique roster and the ability to declare crusades even when under player control—something not possible when playing as them in vanilla.

Technological adoption: The Mexica, Maya, and Incas will eventually be able to unlock gunpowder and cavalry through enough "contact" with factions from the Old World.

New units: Every single unit roster is being reworked and there will be no vanilla units in the final product. No more factions with only 4 units, and the vanilla factions will finally get the updated looks they deserve!

Standardized unit balancing: Major discrepancies in unit costs, recruitment times, and combat performance between factions have been ironed out. The goal is to make every faction viable in battle, with the difficulty coming in the form of a tricky campaign rather than overly handicapped armies.

New events: The Second Council of Lyon, banning of football in England, Diet of Worms, the Pope's discovery of his love for coffee, and other historical events will have an effect on the campaign.

Chronological armour upgrades: Higher tiers of blacksmith buildings will be unlocked as the campaign progresses, in order to have troops appearances match up with the passage of time. Bronze is available at the start, silver upgrades will become available in the 15th century, and gold in the 16th century.

Battle Map Features:

New ammunition/weapon types:
-Flaming bolts for crossbow infantry
-Explosive grenades for Europe and Asia
-Flaming mortar shots
-Stone shot for ballistae
-Grapeshot for most gunpowder artillery
-Blunderbuss shot for Iberians
-Repeating crossbows for the Chinese

Other additions/fixes:
-Many heavy infantry units can form a shield wall
-Javelinmen and naffatuns made more reliable
-Gunpowder infantry fire by rank more reliably
-Pikemen and halberdiers no longer switch to sidearms
-"Two-handed bug" fixed
-Spearmen greatly improved
-Some melee infantry now have precursor javelins
-Increased unit sizes for American factions


Mod Team:
-Metal.Pigeon: Mod leader and unit modeler
-TheVarangian: Campaign mapper
-BucketHell: Campaign mapper & 2D artist
-stevietheconqueror: 2D artist
-Kim Yo-Juul: Buildings/coding

-EL92: Persian units
-IGdood: Historical advisor (and moral support)

And of course, thanks to falcom4ever for making Falcom Total War 3: The Total Conquest and letting us work on this submod.

-American units by Jaguar Paw on TWC
-Asia Empires and Shaoding by againster and friends from DOMOD
-Bellum Crucis and the Complete Sicilian Unit Roster by +Mr.Crow+ and friends on TWC
-The Broken Crescent team
-Byzantium Reskin by Arthalion on TWC
-The Complete Byzantine Unit Roster team
-Enhanced 2D Interface by cedric37 on TWC
-High Quality Sky Textures 1.0 by Hereje on TWC
-Lord Calidor's Weapon Pack by Lord_Calidor on TWC
-Men-at-Arms Armour Pack by Narf_of_Picklestink on TaleWorlds
-Middle Eastern city strat models by Aura on TWC
-Real Shields 0.33 by nikossaiz on TWC
-Resource works by paleologos on TWC
-The Rusichi: Total War team
-The Italian Wars team
-Various models by Jukoman on TWC
-Various models by Sumskilz on TWC
-Vietnamese items by as0017 on TaleWorlds
-Western Unit Overhaul by G|I|Sandy on TWC


-Civilization V
-Civilization VI
-Kevin MacLeod
-Medieval: Total War
-Medieval II: Total War & Kingdoms
-Rome: Total War
-Shogun: Total War
-Shogun 2: Total War
-Total War: Attila
-Total War: Three Kingdoms

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Unique among the Middle Eastern factions, the Seljuks have excellent hybrid missile/melee infantry and cavalry, including the janissaries. However, said hybrid troops are still worse than dedicated melee units in hand-to-hand combat, and the Seljuks will find themselves somewhat lacking in this department.

This roster will show the core roster as well as a few readily-available mercenary units. Apologies for some units having Arabic names; that will be because said unit is shared between multiple Middle Eastern factions.

Melee Infantry






Missile Infantry









Sa'aliks: This unit has been shown off as an archer unit in the past, but they're javelineers now.


Melee Cavalry




Missile Cavalry







Artillery Crew:

The Seljuks will have access to ballistae, trebuchets, bombards, mortars, cannons, and the Basilic (Monster Bombard).


-The Tsardoms: Total War team for many assets

-Parts taken from sumskilz's Arab models

Faction Preview: Kingdom of Ethiopia

Faction Preview: Kingdom of Ethiopia


Ethiopia is a brand new faction, representing the Zagwe and Solomonic dynasties. They have excellent infantry and longbowmen, but their units aren't the...

Faction Preview: Shahdom of Persia

Faction Preview: Shahdom of Persia

News 2 comments

Representing the Khwarezmian and Safavid dynasties, Persia is a heavy cavalry specialist with limited access to war elephants. As one of the most heavily...

Faction Preview: The Maghrebi Caliphate

Faction Preview: The Maghrebi Caliphate


Situated in Morocco and Andalusia, the Maghrebis are a unique faction whose roster features a blend of Middle Eastern, African, and European influences.

Faction Preview: The Mongol Khanate

Faction Preview: The Mongol Khanate


The Mongols have received a visual overhaul, as well as quite a few new units. Here's a peek!

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ORoE Beta v1.6

ORoE Beta v1.6

Demo 16 comments

**This is a standalone build that doesn't require vanilla Falcom or v1.5!**

ORoE Beta v1.5

ORoE Beta v1.5

Demo 12 comments

**This is a standalone build that doesn't require vanilla Falcom or v1.4.1!**

ORoE Beta 1.4.1 Hotfix

ORoE Beta 1.4.1 Hotfix


IMPORTANT: This patch will fix the crash on startup for beta v1.4 and is required to play it.

ORoE Beta v1.4

ORoE Beta v1.4

Demo 4 comments

A custom battle beta release for balance testing purposes, featuring 18 of the 30 playable factions. This is a standalone download that does not require...

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Add some female units please.

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MetalPigeon2 Creator

I don't know about that.

They'd also have male voices if that ever happened.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

It is acceptable

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


That's fine :)

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I just started the campaign v.1.6 but note that in the faction I chose to play there is only 1 unit in each city and no more can be created, also check the other factions and they are the same with only one unit in each city and I don't know You can create more units even if you build Recruitment Buildings. help me why does this happen?

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MetalPigeon2 Creator

The campaign is not playable yet.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

When do you plan to complete the UI ? Unit cards are for either vanilla med2 units or look very weird. I can't tell which unit is which by looking at their unit card.

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MetalPigeon2 Creator

We're using placeholder icons for now because many unit models and textures are still subject to change. It takes a while to make a proper unit icon (especially when a unit is shared across multiple factions), so we don't want to make them then realize they need to be replaced. When the mod is closer to completion, we'll make custom icons.

That's also why lod1/lod2/lod3 models haven't been added yet, but we'll make them later.

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Nice work man, are there critical errors?

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MetalPigeon2 Creator

There's an issue with many large mods where there is a random chance the game will crash when starting a campaign, but once the campaign is loaded it is stable. That will also the case here, although in this case the campaign isn't playable yet.

Another issue with large mods is that they can sometimes crash when you right click on a unit icon during a battle.

Aside from that, I don't think there are any and if there are, you can just let me know so I can fix them.

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