Currently inactive, but kept for archive purposes! Omega Wing is a Space Sim/Deathmatch Multiplayer mod for Half-Life heavily based on descent. Featuring full 360 degree movement and an assortment of weapons and ships, eventually there will be team based modes as well. Now that the intro is out of the way.. I started working on Omega Wing a week ago, and progress has been very steady. I've released 6 Alpha's, the latest is available on the page. It needs custom content, right now most of the models/sounds are hacked descent3 models. But theres a few new designs already on the way! I'll be updating this description when this changes. So far the weapons/items completed are: Lasers Super Lasers Plasma Vulcan Cannon Quad Lasers Concussion Missiles Homing Missiles Smart Missiles Afterburner Regulator Remember, its still in alpha stage, and if you would like to lend a hand (i've done everything by myself so far) Let me know!

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The cOming New Year


Alright, starting in the new year, either after FLFD is out, or after the next Household DEATH! Release, DD and I are going to Get back to work on a new...

It's Alive! It's Aliveeeeee!

News 3 comments

OWING's premature death has been narrowly averted. Interest was regained both on my part, as well as due to various fans who've contacted me, and development...

Owing News Update


Work on Alpha 0.7 has been progressing nicely. Please view the main owing site for the current version information; it's in the news Here ALSO, to go...

New Renders / News

News 1 comment

I've posted two renders on the gallery page of the main site of two new missile models silencer is working on. Work is progressing on yet another alpha...

Omega Wing Alpha 0.6 Released

News 2 comments

Thats right! Alpha 0.6 is now available for download. Check the VERSION INFO link on the main site for the most current information about this alpha...

Alpha 0.6 Almost ready


Thats right, Alpha 0.6 is almost ready. The major changes so far are listed at the bottom of this with an excerp from owing_history.txt .. This is not...

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