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Old Skool Monsta Toolz (OSMT) is a mod/add-on for UT2004 that is designed to reintroduce the complex old skool Unreal monster AI and it's related actors for use in any gametype. These tools mimic the original Unreal actors and settings so that "old timers" can easily pick it up and "newcomers" have lots of online reference documentation already available.

The toolset also includes a new gametype, OSM Adventure (OSM), which makes use of all classes in the toolset to facilitate story-driven adventures through progressive Objectives comprised of puzzles, traps and monsters.


The project's aim is to allow the vast community of UT2004 mappers to create maps that take advantage of this well-designed AI scheme in any gametype, especially in story-driven SinglePlayer and CoOperative adventures. This even allows aspiring game designers to easily develop whole game prototypes within the UT2004 framework, by providing a foundation of code to expand upon which frees them to concentrate on gameplay and art assets.


For mappers of UT2004, this is a set of tools that you can use to implement very complex monster/NPC behavior in any gametype. For players, OSMT is a small download that allows you to play a wide variety of maps in any gametype that include monsters/NPCs with advanced AI. OSMT also includes a new Single Player / CoOperative gametype, OSM Adventure (OSM), with progressive objectives conquering puzzles, traps and monsters. OSM Adventure maps, are primarily story-driven adventures that range from sci-fi to fantasy to purely arcade, however completely different kinds of games, such as driving games, platformers, mysteries, etc., can be made with OSM Adventure as a base.


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The Art Institute of California at San Diego : Game Design Program
I was invited to AISD and saw their Game Prototyping class final projects; half of which used OSMT. This project was made to help game designers in this way. Glad to see it put to use.

(Under construction. Actually, just getting permission to link to various groups.)


"it's possibly the most well-made modding kit I've ever played with"
- Kouen, Admin

"it's a solid release, properly researched and coded."
- tarquin, UnrealWiki Admin

"Congratulations on the OSMT work. I am happily playing with that at the moment. It is magnificent esecially the game. ... I love the hints item that was just what I needed. Thanks again,"
- Brian Quinn, Department of Math & Spacial Sciences, RMIT Australia

"OSM is a VERY addictive gametype to map for"
- Lord Simeon, UCMP Mapper / Unreal Mapping Legend

(in response to Lord Simeon) "It's worse then crack."
- sHoKaZuLu, Professional Level Designer


  • OSMT Information Base on UnrealWiki (includes credits and copyright info)
  • The OSMT forum from Unreal Playground (share, chat, research, help)
  • OSM Adventure Map Archive from Unreal Playground (watch this list grow)
  • Basic scriptedPawn Tutorial (step-by-step guide to implement complex AI in any gametype)
  • Mapping For OSM Adventure (create your own SP/CoOp story-driven adventure)
  • OSMT Monster Manual (a profile of the default OSMT creatures)
  • The OSM-Gauntlet Page (the original example map for OSM Adventure)

  • (To download the latest version of OSMT and get started, click on the image up at the top )
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    RSS Articles

    Old Skool Monsta Toolz v1.53 can be downloaded from ModDB here: LINK

    Old Skool Monsta Toolz v1.53 Final Release

    Highlights include:

    • Camera shakes from damage and blood splatters from melee damage in OSM Adventure
    • OSM Populate mutator populates any map with creatures, advanced options include settings for which creatures (even characters), and can end the map when creatures are all killed (Not for use with OSM maps; DM maps are great for this though)
    • Warlords can use tactical teleporting for hunting, evading, and even leaving the map altogether if defeated
    • ShieldGun, Translocator and Flashlight pickups
    • Vastly improved creature combat behavior and improved creature team behavior for higher intelligence creatures

    This is the final version. There are a number of additions and fixes to this version, although be aware that some are included as-is, some in a working development state. That means some of the working features may not function under certain conditions, or they may actually be disabled. But, the 'done' and 'testing' items should be fully playable and functional.

    Thank you to all who have supported this project over the years. The hope is that everyone can enjoy mapping, modding and playing UT2004 with puzzles, traps and monsters!

    - SuperApe

    OSMT v.1.5 now in Public Beta Testing

    OSMT v.1.5 now in Public Beta Testing


    Old Skool Monsta Toolz v.1.5 Beta is being tested publicly at the UnrealPlayground forums. Join in and help make this mapping toolset even beter!

    Golem Development (custom creature)


    OSMT News (SuperApe - May 8, 2007) : As described in the Image Gallery here on modDB, the Golem is a very high poly creature in development to demonstrate...

    OSMT on modDB


    OSMT News (SuperApe - May 7, 2007) : I'm proud to present the modDB profile for Old Skool Monsta Toolz, a project I've worked on for the better...

    Save / Load for OSM Adventure in upcoming OSMT v1.5

    News 1 comment

    OSMT News (SuperApe - May 5, 2007): The latest news includes the work being done on the most requested feature yet to be implemented: Saving and Loading...

    RSS Files
    Old Skool Monsta Toolz v1.53 Final Release

    Old Skool Monsta Toolz v1.53 Final Release

    Full Version 1 comment

    This is the final release version of Old Skool Monsta Toolz (v1.53) Read the expanded description...

    Old Skool Monsta Toolz v1.4

    Mapping Tool

    This is the latest release version of Old Skool Monsta Toolz (v1.4) Installation instructions, development log and manual included. (Yes, it's only...


    I just tried OSM-Gauntlet with the latest version, and the enemies will often just sit around and look at me instead of attacking or dodging. It mostly happened with the Skaarj, Krall, and Pupae. The flies and Gasbags worked perfectly, though.

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    It's really good to see that UT2004 is still getting useful mapping tools like this. Thanks for the final release, SuperApe!

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    Downloaded the mod and am getting ready to try it. I believe this is the one ingredient that I am missing for the DW Monster Evolution game.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

    Hi Super Ape, i was wondering if you could make a version of the velociraptor for your mod.

    I would like to add raptors to my mod... one of the maps is in the dino era, and they would go very nicely there.

    Hit me back here:

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    Awesome mod, allows many of us single player fans to re-live Doom Styled gameplay in UT2k4.

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    i remember old skool addon for the old UT, and was it ever fun (special with operation na pali)

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    I and my team use OSMT, for our mod. (Ashura: Dark Reign) and I have to say its definatly; if not thee best mapping tool set you can find for level design work in Unreal Tournament 2004. :D

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    This tool set is ideal to bring a single player element to any mod, once i work out to add it in work will begin on custom maps SpaceHulk anyone :)

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