Old Republic mod for Forces of Corruption. Exactly as it says on the tin.

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for a person who does not go into KOTOR era, I like it due to the fact that it was awesome models, good graphics and good gameplay. Can't wait to see the quality of your other (GCW era) mod. :)

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Congratulations on a successful release G :) Good: There are some excellent things about this mod that really make it stand out. Most notably, the graphics department has been totally overhauled and I love the result. The moving turrets are stunning to watch, particularly on the larger ships. Also, the AI is, um, a nice challenge!!! (It comfortably defeated me on "Easy", which is certainly not something that happens in any other mod I've played!) it is very good to know that I am not going to get…

Jul 23 2013 by Afro-yoda-ninja