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This installation manual describes the method of OGSE R2 Russian installation on the international game release. It's a pretty complicated task. If you are not an experienced computer user, you'd better wait for the official English release.

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1) Get the OGSE R2 installer here: or in the downloads section.
2) Get argus_tex_pack_1.0.7z from (optional)
3) Get the creatures pack (0.51 + 0.6) from (optional)
4) Get the db unpacker in the downloads section.
5) Get English configurator here: or in the downloads section.
6) Get the alpha version (user-made) of translation here: (it relied heavily on Google translator that's why many quests and dialogs may be very confusing) or in the downloads section.


1) Run the OGSE installer. Configure it with the argus pack and the creatures pack (optional). It will install three db files and configurator.exe file into your stalker directory. Plus it will create a gamedata folder in the Stalker directory.
2) Rename the Stalker/gamedata folder to Stalker/gamedata_temp - we will use it later
3) Create a new Stalker/gamedata directory
4) Using the unpacker unpack gamedata.dbe into the Stalker/gamedata directory
5) Using the unpacker unpack gamedata.dbf into the Stalker/gamedata directory
6) Using the unpacker unpack gamedata.dbg into the Stalker/gamedata directory
7) Move everything from the gamedata_temp (created in step 2) to the gamedata folder, replacing files as necessary
8) Extract the textures directory from argus_tex_pack_1.0.7z to the gamedata directory. WARNING: don't replace the textures.ltx file (optional)
9) Extract the textures directory from creatures_0.51.7z and creatures_0.6.7z to the gamedata directory. WARNING: don't replace the textures.ltx file (optional)
10) Modify the gamedata/config/localization.ltx: replace "rus" with "eng"
11) Copy your gamedata/config/text/rus directory to gamedata/config/text/eng
12) Install the translation
12) Replace configurator.exe with English version
12) Run configurator.exe from the main stalker directory, choose your settings then save it using the button Apply. Afterwards you can either use the configurator to start your game, or simply use your old shortcut.

Note: The game will be much more stable if you start it from the configuration utility with "no prefetching" option ON.

P.S.: of course you can delete gamedata.dbe, gamedata.dbf and gamedata.dbg files after you finished all the steps above, they are not necessary any more.


i went you mod, but i have problem... I haven´t [ STEP 6) Using the unpacker unpack gamedata.dbg... ] "gamedata.dbg" in my Stalker folder :( pls help my with this...send my please link for download ["gamedata.dbg"] or any webpage...

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SimplyYuri Creator

This procedure was only for installing Russian version of the mod with google translation on world-wide version of STALKER. After the release of official English OGSE 0692R2 this procedure is obsolete. Don't use this procedure.

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