Global mod for STALKER SHoC, intended to recreate a highly atmospheric Zone with highest possible quality, stability of the game, rich gameplay and loyalty to the canons of the Sci-Fi genre.

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Too.. dark.. can't make it out of camp! (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl : Mods : Old Good STALKER Evolution : Forum : OGSE discussion : Too.. dark.. can't make it out of camp!) Locked
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May 30 2012 Anchor

This mod sounds amazing, I had to download it and give it a try.

I started a new game.. I can't even get past the part with Sid !!

Everything is just pitch black, I press L but that won't work, I can't even see where Sid or the door is, it's literally just.. pitch black!

If I look up, I can just make out the light on the ceiling, and the cage bit where Sid's sat behind.

I even turned brightness & gamma right up to max and still nothing! LOL

May 31 2012 Anchor


The problem is on your side. The game must be reinstalled with every new mod! So you have to do the following:

1. Unistall the STALKER and manually delete any STALKER folders
2. Install the STALKER
3. Install patch 1.0005
4. Install the OGSE 0692R2.
5. Start the STALKER game, open Options menu. Set Gamma to 1.2 (two graduation lines more). Also choose full dynamic lighting.
6. Make other settings as you wish and exit STALKER (required for saving all the options).
7. Start the Configurator utility. Open Advanced Graphics tab. Set the sun brightness to 1/2 of the scale, set Background lightning to the value of (max - 1).
8. Make other changes as you wish.

That's all.

Edited by: SimplyYuri

May 31 2012 Anchor

That did the trick, thanks! :)

Much better. Loving the mod! MAN it is HARD.

I'm getting a little frustrated at the moment though because I can't find the stone blood artifact ANYWHERE. I can't find this ravine where 'all the artifacts are' that the trader says to tell me to go, and it isn't showing me on the PDA where to go?

I can't go too far because I only have a stupid pistol that runs out of bullets if I wander too far.

May 31 2012 Anchor

It's an unusual unique stone blood. When you climb up the stairs from Sid, turn left and go to the anomaly zone. Look for it there.

May 31 2012 Anchor

Ohhh the toxic dump place?

Thanks Yuri :)

Really enjoying the mod, love how much harder it is, it really does feel more 'isolated' now and an emphasis on survival. It makes you think about your every move.

No money to get past the guards? Hmm, should I get in a firefight, just make a runner for the hole in the fence, or get my head down and have a nap for a few hours and wait until it's dark to sneak past? etc - makes you question your every tactic.

Can't wait for the next release, keep up the good work Yuri!

May 31 2012 Anchor

tommytoxen wrote: No money to get past the guards? Hmm, should I get in a firefight, just make a runner for the hole in the fence, or get my head down and have a nap for a few hours and wait until it's dark to sneak past?

What guards? Take the unique artifact and go to the Sid. Maybe you manage to give it to Sid, maybe not. It doesn't matter for now. You will receive the command from Sid to help wounded Tolik. After that mission you need to wait awhile for the radio message from the Wolf who will permit you to come in the rookie village. Read all the messages and dialogs carefully.

Jun 2 2012 Anchor

No no, that was a rhetorical statement to explain how the mod makes you question every tactic now, it was a hypothetical situation for when you get to the railway bridge :)

Jun 2 2012 Anchor

Sorry, I didn't understand your statement. As for the railway bridge, well, it's your choice: you can pay to pass here (under railway bridge) or walk through the tunnel or go to the gap in the fence near the right border of the location.

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