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Invisible anomalies? (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl : Mods : Old Good STALKER Evolution : Forum : OGSE discussion : Invisible anomalies?) Locked
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May 26 2012 Anchor

I have this annoying problem, where I walk around just fine and then instantly drop dead. Maybe its one of those new anomalies, but it didnt work out. Basically, there are some flies flying around (I can hear the noise). But I dont see anything unusual around. Maybe its a textures bug or something, since I can not see the anomaly.

May 26 2012 Anchor

It's not a bug. If you are using full dynamic lighting you must see this new anomaly - it's a plant. (It can not be seen only on static lighting.) Be attentive. And use bolts until you'll get the scientific detector. I've already told this many times.

Here is this anomaly (very useful indeed, because you can create in it some artifacts):

May 26 2012 Anchor

I'm using static lighting. My computer is not very powerful, so I keep my graphics low.

Jun 2 2012 Anchor

Problem was that I died suddenly WITH full dynamic lighting and I didn't even see or heard anything on the detector. I tried explaining this to you before, but you think it's the new anomaly when I was very positive that it wasn't. It only happened to me once and I never had an issue after that with anything, it's either a bug on some coding or just the anomaly isn't working as it suppose to be. You showed me a picture of said anomaly before, but when I died there wasn't a single thing there.

Jun 3 2012 Anchor


But, as far as I remember, you said that you heard the flies buzz. Is that so? If yes, then the reason of your sudden death is this new anomaly.

BTW, run the Configurator Utility, open Advanced Graphics tab and set Background Lighting close to the max (1-2 lines less than max). Apply changes and find new anomaly. Throw bolts in it. Look carefully at the ground.

There are no bugs, which are able to lead to sudden death. This mod was released in the end of May, 2010. Over this period russian players had already found all the bugs :) and know this mod inside out.

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