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Agroprom Underground sound bug? (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl : Mods : Old Good STALKER Evolution : Forum : OGSE discussion : Agroprom Underground sound bug?) Locked
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Mar 28 2012 Anchor

Hey guys. Don't know if any of the devs are here but I think I should post some bugs I've encountered.

I'm playing the 1.0005 US version of SoC, with OGSE R2 English, EAX is off.

Sound bug:
When a save is made slightly before the Controllers appear at the exit of the Agroprom Underground.
After the Controllers appear and a 'high-pitched whispering sound' is played, if I load a save made in the Agroprom Underground, I still hear that 'high-pitched whispering sound', even though I did not trigger the Controllers spawning in the map yet.
The Marked One might or might not be killed for this to happen.
This affects normals saves and quicksaves.
This happens even when I loaded a savegame made at the start of the Agroprom Underground.

Only when loading a save from another map (I used a save in the Garbage) before loading the Undergound save, then the sounds will be normal. ie. I don't hear the 'high-pitched whispering sound' being played.

Sorry guys, but I don't have a savegame to upload.

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Mar 28 2012 Anchor

somebody_2 wrote: Sound bug

It's not our fault - it's a flaw of STALKER engine. There is the same problem in the original game. So far no one knows how to repair it. Much easier to walk around this engine bug: make save before a controller will appear. In Agroprom their appearence is triggered when you reach some predefined point in the corridor. So make save with F1 grenade in your hand before this point (it's about 3/4 of corridor length. Also use mine - very convinient.

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Mar 29 2012 Anchor

There is a similar flaw with the psi zones, like above labx16 and when you reach the antenae in Red Forest; you know when you get a yellow tint screen and hear those sounds that make you think of a place full of radiation, radioactive waste
Obvious you save from time to time, you die eventualy and when you reload this yellow tint accumulates every time you do a quickload up to a point where the screen is VERY BRIGHT with yellow + you can hardly hear anything, you are like almost deaf, monolith shoots at you but you cannot tell if you are being shot at; you barely hear your footsteps and gun fire, all other sounds are deaf, the sky is superbright and i had a hard time seeing the snipers on the antenae
No darkness in lab x10?

Wierd i try these links with my screenshots, click on it once works, second time.. 403 forbidden bla bla; hope they work for you

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Mar 29 2012 Anchor

All of this had been known since 2007, right after the release of STALKER: SoC. The same in STALKER: CS. There's nothing new. It's the engine problems. Only low-level video programmer together with reverse engineer could fix such problems. We have reverse engineers but haven't low-level video programmer. So forget about this.

Use well-known services for pictures such as, and others. is infected site - you can get some virus from it.

Mar 29 2012 Anchor

Thanks i won't use it anymore; yes i know it is engine related, just wanted to point out another similar problem like the controler screen effect
I know it's not because of mods and i think in this case the yellow screen goes away if you have the patience to restart the game :)

May 4 2012 Anchor

I have also encounted the whispering voices problem,when fighting the two controllers if i die,on the next load the whispering is still there,even before i cross the line to trigger the apperence of the controllers.But for me if i succeed in defeating them and then save my game,and then load again from that point the annoying whispering is gone.

May 5 2012 Anchor

If you choose the "quit game" option from the menu, it will dump you to the main menu, then load your game and the sound will be gone.

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