What happens when players fight to collect balls for the good of the team instead of the good of the self? Oh,Balls! Teams happens! With the action set on Classic Counter-strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch maps, players continue the zany tradition of Oh, Balls! gameplay in a cooperative environment.

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Oh, Balls! Released


After a short three months development cycle, followed by a week-long sprint-to-the-finish reveal event, I am pleased to announce the general availability of all three gamemodes in the Oh, Balls! family.

Oh, Balls! Deathmatch introduces a new scoring system to classic Half-Life 2 Deathmatch combat- Points are physical objects (balls, in this case) that increase in availability as time goes on in a round.

Oh, Balls! Teams extends the ball collection system to a team based game, with players fighting to help their team as a whole reach a total ball count.

Oh, Balls! Physics extends Deathmatch gameplay with a specific subset of weapons designed to encourage players to use their enivronment to their advantage with Source's excellent physics simulation system.

All three are available separately (linked above) or as part of a three-pack with a handy set of notes and an example map for interested users of the Source SDK.

While I am making no definite commitments, I do hope to further support Oh, Balls! with a map pack to be released sometime before April 1st, as well as perhaps a 2.0 release featuring a more unified experience across the three modes before the end of this school year.

There is still a dedicated server featuring this game available at which will be available at least until mid march.

One thing is for sure, however: this is not the last Garry's mod add-on that ElementC Media will
be releasing. Watch the company page for more information.

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Oh, Balls! 3-Pack

Oh, Balls! 3-Pack

Full Version

Download all three of the fast, fun, and frenetic Oh, Balls! Gamemodes in one convenient zip file. Includes: Oh,Balls! Deathmatch, Teams, and Physics...

Oh, Balls! Teams 1.0

Oh, Balls! Teams 1.0

Full Version

Oh, Balls! Teams swaps combat for control of all the balls for the self with combat for protection of all the balls for the team. With a special HUD designed...

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