You are in your house and suddently you get kidnapped by mysterious monsters. You must survive and escape from the prisons of the castle. This is my first (and maybe the last) mod for Amnesia - The Dark Descent. I hope you enjoy it, and please report any bugs you find!

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Wow. Is all I have to say, lol. So the story starts off fairly descent, but thyen you can to th point where you have to build the ladder to get your equipment and a damn shovel that wasn't highlighted, so it looked like every other prop -_-. You can't actually bring the ladder in btw, lol, you just have to use the boxes and sacks to build your way up, making the area with the water monster pointless. I then spent another 10 minutes looking for the damn materials, but I miss obvious stuff all the time, so I can't really fault the dev on that. I cheesed a lot of this story, and it wasn't bad, but I just wanted to get it over and done with after some bs shenanigans.

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