Nuclear Winter is a single player mission for Half-Life Opposing Force. It comprises 29 new maps plus a ton of new scripted scenes, models, artwork, character voices, sound effects and music. Nuclear Winter was recently re released with Steam support. Opposing Force is no longer required. In the early 21st century the U.S. fight several anti-terrorist campaigns in the Middle East. Bickering in the world community over the morality of these campaigns eventually leads to the withdrawal of China and Russia from the U.N. Even NATO is divided and it soon becomes obvious that America's only real support comes from Great Britain. In 2009 the league of Arab nations invade and occupy Israel. The U.S. and Britain come to Israel's defense but it is a struggle that will eventually be lost. China and Russia are supplying arms and troops to the invaders. Tactical nukes are used in the offensive marking the first time nuclear arms have been used in war since WW2. Six months later, India...


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Well, overall I liked the concept, it feels like a total conversion mod, without getting out of the OpF and HL environments, the story is clear and neat and is pretty cool to see how it evolves from the beginning to the end of the mod.

Combat is nice and very strategic, which is a thing I love in this kind of mods. Also the OpF weapons are perfect to do clever combat to the end, actually weapons are my favorite thing in OpF, and here is pretty well applied to the mod.

Also the puzzles were clever and all of them pretty good, though I know that some inexperienced gamer could found them kind of hard, but nevertheless they are perfectly beatable.

The cutscenes were pretty nice too, and voice acting though it had his mediocre parts and some kind of cool ones it was well applied too.

The whole maps were medium to big size but always got me exploring and battling so that’s also another detail I liked.

I know this mod it had some buggy glitches, like sometimes faulty triggers or so but that’s rather a common problem in many HL mods, so it didn’t bother me at all, besides all of them could be solved via noclip.

And at last that final escape added a perfect ending to the mod and always got me pretty well entertained as action didn’t was down a bit, so yep I can say this is a very good mod every real HL-OpF pure gamer must play!

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