Narodnaya Solyanka DMX is a very large merged modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl that combines the original 2009 Narodnaya Solyanka experience with the 2010 DMX 1.3.2 addon ... there has also been content recently added or modified from Refragger, Shidentora, Define, merv71, Chevyfreak, and John Coltrane [JC]

Das_P0m says

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Again a version of this mod, but it seems to be good! Played for hours now and got no bugs, no ctd's. Nice addons are packed into the main file, all optional. Nicely done and easy to install. Some textures are... yeah... not 'my taste' so I maybe will exchange them to proper versions, but that is a personal problem^^

So far, including all the tries before to play this mod, I will give a 9. Based on the fact, that I'm able to play until now. And believe me, I tried it in the past... 30-50 times, different versions and patches.

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Highest Rated (6 agree) 8/10

Runs good when installed right. Best running mega mod I know of.
All saves work good, and can be trusted. The adventure almost
never ends. I have read that it runs much better than Stalkersoup.
Doesn't require a high end machine, runs fine on less than a midline pc.

Feb 15 2016 by Refragger