You are Android Leland, a specialized android for combat for the struggling Northern Patrol. Grab some weapons and go fight your way to the Southern Patrol's headquarters.

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Bolded words are edits as of August 2020. Most of them update the mod so far, especially the name change of Portal 2000 to Uninsulated Electrical Parts.

The Second Chapter, Hostile Area, is currently a small chapter in the mod, since we fitted the entire objective into a small map. It is, however, looking nice and slick!

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I will also be glad to answer some commonly asked Questions:

Q: What will I need besides Half-Life 2? A: The Half-Life two episodes. It is currently running of the hl2.exe from the Actual Game, but I will do what I can migrate it to Source SDK 2013. It is now running off of SDK Base 2013.

Q: Did you put in the Gauss from Black Mesa? A: Both Yes and No, it is actually a reskin of the Gravity Gun. Rest Assured, that it is a key part of the Half-life universe. I changed it back to the original model.

Q: Did you do all of the models and textures? A: I borrowed some assets from Black Mesa, as well as some reskins found online. These are currently placeholders and might be replaced soon.

Q: Can I Help? A: Yes you can! Just contact me (ChansLeChan on Discord) to ask for a job. I mainly want playtesters, level designers, and model and texture artists to replace the placeholder models and textures. You can also help out on Uninsulated Electrical Parts.

Q: When the mod releases, can I mod Northern Patrol? A: Do your Mod-ception to your heart's content, as long as you only reference the mod in the gameinfo.txt rather than copy the entire mod. It also can be whatever you want: Joke mod, serious mod, brutal mod, something way different that could be not even remotely related to Northern Patrol.

Q: Will I need to install Northern Patrol to Play Uninsulated Electrical Parts? A: Absolutely Not, I don't want to shove a shooter-mod towards a puzzle-game player.

C: "Can't wait to see it!"

R: I'm glad to hear that someone is excited to see my mod. I will try best not to delay this mod like other mods in the past. If you are feeling like you are going to die if you don't play the finished parts of the mod, ask me for a play-test position or a demo of the mod.

C: "It looks like you need to work more on Hammer skills than work on a mod" (Just putting it out there)


Great! Why don't you tell me some fixes rather than judge the person's capability of bringing an entertaining stylistic mod. It works better on both of our parts. If you just flat out say that it's terrible, it will be taken action towards too. But I digress, It contains a unique art form and will bring a new experience never seen before in the source engine.

Q: Why Half-Life 2? A: It is very easy to make a mod for it, and I really love HL2 and the series. Don't get me started on HL3, please. We know what happened.

If you have any other questions, please ask me. If you want to, please share this mod to your friends, as well as Portal 2000.

April 2020 Update

April 2020 Update


The mod development has gone well over the last few months.

Our Sister Project

Our Sister Project


Check out our sister project, Portal 2000, a mod for Portal 1.

The project is not dead.

The project is not dead.


Even though there was no updates, Northern Patrol is still in development. A new chapter is in development.


>Gauss from Black Mesa

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