No More Room in Hell the long awaited Source zombie modification.

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Very, very competent mod work on this title. Usually when a "mod" is great, I would call it just that. But the success behind this has to do with nothing else with a purely competent and professional dev team, with a big bunch of superb quality contributions all around. Still needs some work to reach toward perfection, but that is a matter of time.

9.5/10, would throw money at.

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I first heard about this mod on a very recent PC Gamer (US) podcast and as a zombie entertainment enthusiast couldn't pass it up looking in to it. I have been through the available maps, on the few servers that pop up in the server list, and this is a fantastic zombie mod because it will make you concerned by zombies again and not just because the ammo is sparse. The zombies are tough to put down with anything less than hit to their dome. Its often better to try to run past the zombies than engage…

Feb 8 2012 by CanadianWolverine