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RSS Master Server Browser Fix *Server owners please read!*

We found a possible solution to get your server back onto the Steam Server Browser! May also work for other mods.

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After doing some investigating with Chanz, I've found a solution to get your server back onto the NMRiH Server Browser! Spread the word!

Note: This is for server owners only, clients won't benefit from this (unless you're hosting a listen server, it might work?)

Chanz wrote: Follow those 4 easy steps as SERVER OWNER (every server owner has to do this, its no use if you try this on your client)!

1. Open your 'server.cfg' with a text editor (you'll find it in "nmrih/cfg/").

2. Paste the following at the END of it:
// Master Server Settings
0 // Disable lagacy mode, since steam master servers won't support it anymore.
// Send heartbeat that this server is ready. Should be the last line of the config.

3. Save the file and put it back on your server.

4. Restart your server OR type "exec server.cfg" (without "") into your server console (HLSW, rcon or sm_rcon works as well).

Your servers should be visible again!

Thanks to the HLDS Mailing list and Riley, we could resolve this issue.

And if you're a Linux server owner and have missed the previous news posts, we've recently updated our linux binaries which should help resolve some crash issues! (This is the July 3rd Linux Binaries, if you've already downloaded it before from a previous news post you don't need to do so again)

You can download it >here<

Oh and before I leave I'll just quietly leave this here (our 1.05 video's being worked on, we're a bit busy with developing the mod itself so but it'll definitely come)...

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Full Client Download Links

Note the windows server files are included in the full download.

NMRiH Beta 1.04 Client Full

Desura Digital Distribution


Good job! We've had this problem with Cry of Fear as well, do you think this also applies to half-life 1 mods?

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If the Half life source code changes, most mods will stop working or dont work well because they're attached to it :/

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Smiley_Riley Author

If you can bring up the sv_master_legacy_mode command, it should work (I don't think it might work with CoF or other GoldSrc based mods though, not sure)

Otherwise you'll probably have to directly contact Fletcher Dunn in the HLDS mailing list at

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Thanks for finding a fix for this nasty thing valve threw onto the mod community without even telling anyone about.

They should have told us how to fix the issue days ago.
I'm sure they knew the reason and how to fix it.

This makes me allmost as angry as the "invalid steam key size" bug where everyone had to add a steam.inf file with the appID in it.

Sure, mods with new releases ahead will solve that issue sooner or later, but what about the mods that won't recive an update anymore?

They remain broken and even if someone is willing to put up a server for one of these mods, clients need to be fixed too and not everyone is a crack when it comes to editing files or configurations.

Most ppl just wanna play and if it does not work, they give up and play something else.

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is this the reason i cant find any servers to play on NMRIH?

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[nmrihdev]-Maxx Creator

Yes. We have been posting about this for a few weeks now. We have also posed numerous temporary solutions such as providing a list of IPs for players to grab from and manually add them to their lists.

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thank god, i thought something else had happened.

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Can someone simply tell me whether i need a patch or something to play this game, but i have downloaded the most reccent version of NRIH; that should contain the patch. My problem is that i open the server menu and all that apears in the server listings is the message: 'The are no servers on the master server that fit your filters'. I should have the patch installed already and yet it's not working?

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i dont have server.cfg help please

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