NO CONTACT (Half-life2 Modification, for the Orange Box Engine) Dated - October 2009, if all goes to plan. The Creators of "Team Planet Earth", "Wanted" and "Unjustified Purpose" now present; "No Contact". The mod will be both Single-player & Multi-player, We will start with the Single-player side. You are a living in the city, rejected by the outside world. The only way out of the city is across a bridge. One day in the middle of the night, at 04:32, a scheduled flight to Australia, crashes into the bridge. You wake up, to the sight of a large fire and the sound of shouting. You get up and decide to go and investigate, but you are not the only one with that idea. By the time you get there, most of the bridge is destroyed. The people around you break into chaos, because without the bridge they are helpless. No supplies. No food. No nothing. What is going to happen, when they have NO CONTACT?

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Dead mod, no further updates, author has stated they have no plans to ever update again. Since the mod is unplayable I'm reviewing based on the premise, which seems silly, you have a cell phone, but "no contact" with the outside world. So the police and fire brigade also seem to lack a radio to contact the outside world, seems silly that a plane crashing into a bridge would have an island community turn mad max. Just really...the idea needs work.


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